How to change club name in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Alec Mullins
FIFA 23 player in Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 23 brings another fresh start for Ultimate Team and maneuvering through the FUT menus can be tough for first-timers and veterans alike. For those looking to shake up their branding, here’s how to change your club name in the squad-building game mode.

Ultimate Team remains one of the biggest draws in the entire FIFA franchise, routinely drawing in fans from all around the world to build their dream team as they attempt to move up the divisional rankings and achieve online football glory.

Given the ridiculous number of players however, it’s likely that fans will run into copycat clubs, clever names, or a thousand other reasons to update their own material.

If you’re looking to change your squad’s name, here are the steps you need to take in order to take on your new iteration.

How to change your club name in FIFA 23 FUT mode

The process to change your team’s name in FUT is very simple if you follow a few easy to remember steps, the first of which is to load up the game and head into the FUT menu.

Once you’re inside, just follow along with this list:

  1. Starting on the Home page, scroll all the way over to Club.
  2. From there, find and select the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll over to Rename Club and choose a new name and abbreviation for your side.

Once you’ve added a name you’re satisfied with, click confirm change and your information will automatically update when the save is complete.

While this is a simple process, keep in mind that you can only switch up your style three times total all year, so it’s important to pick something that has the potential to stick around.

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