Top 50 best funny EA FC 24 team names for Ultimate Team & Pro Clubs

EA FC players in green kit kneeling next to logo and textGraphics: EA SPORTS

A new era for Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs is just around the corner, which means you may need a new name in EA FC 24. So, here are some of the best and funniest choices. 

Both Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs can be tracked back to FIFA 09, when things were a little simpler than they are today. Pro Clubs, at that point, didn’t have leagues or cups – it was just about your overall record – and Ultimate Team didn’t have anywhere close to the same amount of promos, objectives, and everything else that has become a staple these days. 

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The two modes will both be carrying over into EA SPORTS Football Club once that takes the reigns from the FIFA franchise, and they’re both not going to change too much.

The same real players, clubs, leagues, and stadiums will be available in Ultimate Team and you’ll still be able to play 11v11 in Pro Clubs. Though, you might need a fresh start.

Best EA SPORTS FC 24 team names

Players will lose their FUT Founder status from FIFA 09 – if you’re lucky enough to still have it, that is anyway – so it could be time to overhaul your club name for both Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. 

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You might be someone who likes a pun, wants to use a real player’s name, or an inside reference for long-time FIFA players.

So, here’s our list, consisting of some old classics you’ve seen in both modes before, as well as some new ones that you might not have thought of previously:

  • Pjanic at the Isco
  • Boca Seniors
  • Going Toulouse
  • Expect Toulouse
  • Kroos Control
  • Real SoSoBad
  • Baines on Toast
  • Lads on Toure
  • FC Fuchs Sake
  • Sheffield Thursday
  • Borussia Teeth
  • Tekkerslovakia
  • KanteBeStopped
  • Martial Law
  • Farcelona
  • Pique Blinders
  • Kops and Szobbers
  • Jota Have Faith
  • ØdeFans
  • Cheesy Iheanachos
  • OsasunaOrLater
  • I Dont Kjær
  • Cesc Pistols
  • Inter Row Z
  • CtrlAltDefeat
  • Lallana Del Ray
  • Krul to be Kind
  • SlideIntoMyCDM
  • Weiss Weiss Baby
  • IsUrMotherWell
  • Ake 47 FC
  • Boom Xhakalaka
  • How I met your Mata
  • Class on Grass
  • NetSixAndChill
  • Just Matip
  • FC Copenbadly
  • Crap on Grass
  • No Wucking Forries
  • Schneiderlin DMs
  • 21 Savic’s
  • Petr Cech Yourself
  • Ting Goes Skriniar
  • Snorting Lisbon
  • Happy Neuer
  • Neighmar
  • LSD Eindhoven
  • Unathletic Madrid
  • Unreal Madrid

Obviously, there are thousands of names that you could settle on, and many players choose to use inside jokes at times – especially when it comes to playing Pro Clubs with a group of pals. 

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Just make sure you don’t go over the line and land yourself in trouble with EA. You’ll have to go back to the drawing board then. 

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