FIFA pro reveals how much it costs to make a good FUT squad

David Purcell

Professional FIFA player Ivan ‘BorasLegend’ Lapanje has revealed the amount he feels he needs to hit the ground running in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and it’s fair to say that it’s a lot more than the average.

The multiple-time Swedish champion is still his home nation’s top-rated competitor in the game’s esports scene and after being asked multiple times by fans about how much he’s willing to invest in the new EA SPORTS title, his long-awaited answer might well have raised some eyebrows. 

Buying packs comes with the territory in Ultimate Team, as players can purchase different packets filled with random cards of all different qualities and value. Getting better players will increase the value of their teams and allow them to build bigger squads in order to compete online. 

EA SPORTS FIFAFIFA 20 hits the shelves on September 24, but the web app is available to play.

With that being said, many FIFA fans appear to find it difficult to gauge just how much they should shell out on these FUT packs at the start of the game in order to hit the ground running. 

In response to some questions he had received, BorasLegend looks set to splash out on a whopping 204,000 FIFA points, which can be bought in the online store at any time. 

“I have loaded up with 204,000 FIFA points (1700$). This contribution will put me in an early advantage vs some players and reduce the disadvantage vs heavy spenders,” he said, before admitting: “I wish it wasn’t like this, just wanted to be transparent.”

Of course, not everybody will be able to afford such a huge amount of points as soon as the game releases, although competitive players have to consider who they are coming up against and how much others will spend right off the bat in order to assemble a strong team. 

FIFA players are unable to spend points on packs before the game has been released, for example in the FIFA 20 official Web App, but it looks like a certainty that BorasLegend and many others will be looking to spend some major cash to get a head start on others when it comes out. 

You can, however, buy points and packs in the EA Early Access trial for FIFA 20. More information on that here. 

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