FIFA 23 leak reveals big NBA 2K features coming to Player Career

. 25 days ago
FIFA 23 Player Career Mode
EA Sports

Player Career Mode in FIFA 23 could be in a for a well overdue update after a leaker claimed that a host of fan-requested features from NBA 2K are set to hit the mode when it releases later this year.

While Ultimate Team will no doubt steal the show, there are plenty of players who are eager to jump into FIFA 23 Career Mode. Taking a player or entire club from the bottom to European glory is an experience that the other modes simply don’t offer.

Following the news that the football franchise will be bringing in even more licensed leagues and teams again this year, there’s arguably no better time to play as a manager. But fans have felt that EA haven’t supported Player Career as well as other rival sports games.

That could all be about to change in FIFA 23, however, as one leaker has claimed that a slew of long-awaited features are on the way.

Player Career in FIFA
EA Sports
Player Career Mode has been lacking in recent years in FIFA, but that could be about to change in FIFA 23.

In a June 9 tweet, FIFA leaker FUTZone claimed that FIFA 23 is set to bring in a number of additions to make the mode more immersive. Arguably the most interesting is the ability to manage your player’s social media account.

Here, you’ll likely be able to see messages of support or criticism from the fans after a match, and perhaps even the opportunity to respond at the risk of upsetting the manager. This is something that the likes of NBA 2K have introduced in the past to great success, and fans have wanted EA to follow suit.

They also suggested that new cut scenes will be introduced for training, along with pre and post-match interviews. Extra customization options like tattoos are also expected to be added, which should all give our created pros a little bit of extra personality.

These new features will come with a caveat though according to FUTZone. In the replies to their initial post, the leaker was asked if the additions are exclusive to next-gen consoles, to which they simply replied: “Yes.”

This means that those playing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will likely get a Player Career Mode experience that is closer to a legacy version of FIFA, without the new features.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these long-awaited features haven’t been confirmed by EA Sports just yet. FUTZone has been spot on with leaks in the past, but not all the time, so we’ll have to wait for an announcement to be sure.

FIFA 23 is expected to be revealed very soon, so hopefully, we won’t have too long to wait for more details.

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