FIFA 23 ban wave locks traders out of Ultimate Team market

mbappe in fifa 23EA SPORTS

Many FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players have been left baffled after a ban wave locked them out of the Web App and Companion App FUT markets.

Trading cards in the popular online mode is one of the best, and fastest, ways to make coins.

However, with stricter anti-cheat rules enforced in FIFA 23, it appears that EA is taking more precautions than the average player might have expected.

A user who was targeted by online hackers in FIFA 22, FUT Donkey, has been locked out of the game’s market on both Web App and Companion App. It turns out, many more traders have been sent similar warnings as well.

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FIFA 23 hits traders with partial FUT market ban

The message on-screen attributes a failed captcha as the cause of rules being broken.

It says: “Your account has been blocked from using the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion Apps due to breaking our rules.”

Donkey said: “Thanks EA SPORTS FIFA. I never failed a captcha, didn’t use any sort of bot/extension etc. Last year, I had to deal with the hacking, now this. Can’t have a normal year of FIFA trading I guess.”

Other FIFA 23 players affected

They also state no email was sent to their account, regarding the captcha security measure.

In the comments, a number of other traders claim they have also been affected by the FUT market ban wave.

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Another trader, Jake_FutTrading, suggested a reason as to why these bans may be occurring, too: “They are banning scripts and high search functions this year it seems Obviously not saying you did it but likely from spam searching if you tried snipes.”

Sniping, for those who are not aware, is the act of searching continually and rapidly for players at a certain price point (usually lower market values) to find cards for a cheaper price and high resale value.

Another said: “They just sent a massive wave out for this.”

One user, called ArchieFUTTrader, responded: “Welcome to the club mate, please take a seat.” They also say an email was not sent out, making the ban allegedly unavoidable.

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While those affected by the ban wave will no longer be able to trade cards on the Web App or Companion App, they are not totally locked out of Ultimate Team trading. Their in-game economies will be open as normal.