FIFA 23 early access & FUT Web App guide: Trading tips & how to make 10 hours count

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FIFA 23 players can play Ultimate Team early with the FUT Web App and EA Play early access. Knowing how to make the most of the pre-release period is important if you want to get coins fast – so here’s some things you need to know.

Playing Ultimate Team early allows you to take advantage of a hardly settled marketplace in-game and FIFA 23 will be no different.

On the Web App and Companion App, players can accrue a number of valuable cards for a fraction of their release day value. In addition, there are also free rewards and other opportunities you can make use of to get your squad in a healthy place before the full game hits the shelves.

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Knowing the dates of pre-launch windows is an important starting point. So, let’s run through the dates…

FIFA 23 release schedule: EA Play, Web App, Companion App

  • FIFA 22 Web App release date: September 21
  • FIFA 22 Companion app release date: September 21
  • FIFA 22 early access start date: September 27

FIFA 23 Web App & Companion App trading tips

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The Web App and Companion App launch first.

The Web App and Companion App may not be a place to make money by playing games, though there are some things you should be doing to kick things off with a bang.

Buy high-rated FUT cards

With the demand for 82, 83, 84 OVR players likely to rise across all leagues once FIFA 23 launches, as players look to complete Squad Building Challenges, you should invest in the cheaper cards with these ratings. If you shop around, you could get these for between 900-1400 coins and resell them during early access or on release day.

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Don’t quick sell

Quick selling your items or players is a bad idea for the Web App, Companion App or EA Play. You will always make more money – even if you have to relist the items a few times – by selling on the market. The temptation to discard cards is always there because it is a quick way to get your hands on coins, though you will be walking away from easy profits.

Be smart with chemistry styles

The chances of keeping the vast majority of your Web App team once FIFA 23 comes out is slim, so don’t waste time – or money – putting Chemistry style cards on players. Lots of people will fall into this trap so sell yours and make a fast profit.

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Cash isn’t king

There is a choice in front of FUT Club owners, right off the bat. Either you can choose to rack up a pot of coins from the Web App / Companion App to spend later, or invest the coins into players that could grow in value. The second is usually the best option as spending power will always decrease when the game releases. While there’s not much wealth in the economy, we’d encourage you to make moves.

FIFA 23 EA Play early access tips: 10-hour trial

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FIFA 23 early access starts on September 27, 2022.

EA Play members will be granted 10 hours of gameplay, which they can use for any game mode in FIFA 23. As this is a FUT guide, we’ll be focusing on how to make the most of your limited time.

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Time management is key

As Neil Warnock once famously said: “By all means, enjoy it, but enjoy it by being disciplined.” Wasting hours hanging around the menus, searching for players, and bouncing between other game modes will make your 10 hours feel like three hours of gameplay. If you just stick to playing Ultimate Team games, this will maximize your chances of racking up coins.

Build your FUT team on Web App / Companion App

Playing early access should really be a two-screen experience for players who want to make the most of it. Having your team builder on the laptop or mobile screen while playing matches on the console or PC is the best way to go. It will save you bundles of time.

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Completing SBCs

There are some really good Squad Building Challenges to kick things off, though your time will be best spent completing these on the App. Don’t sit there for hours finding players and plugging holes in your SBC teams. Save all that for the desktop or movbile.

Can you buy packs in FIFA 23 early access?

This is always one of the biggest questions each year… Can you buy packs in early access? The answer is absolutely, yes. The best approach is to buy the FIFA Points on early access but open the packs using Companion or Web App – save yourself the time of animations cutting into those 10 hours.

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