FIFA 22 player loses 50 million coins as hackers target FUT traders

fifa 22 hacked ultimate team traderEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS is being pressed by the FIFA 22 community for a response after a number of well-known Ultimate Team traders were targeted by hackers, who have stolen their coins and FIFA Points.

Some players spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hard-earned cash to improve their FUT experience.

Opening packs, picking up top-rated cards, and selling them for a profit allows you to build up your wealth and arguably gain an advantage over your competitors in Rivals and FUT Champs.

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Nobody does this better than traders – making them a prime target for hackers, as they have the most assets to snatch away.

FIFA 22 hacker problem emerges

Son celebrating in FIFA 22EA SPORTS
FIFA 22 players affected by the hacking scandal have been left out in the cold.

In January 2022, a number of fairly large trading accounts have stated on Twitter that they have been affected by hackers.

A full list of those affected can be found below, courtesy of SAF – SBC Tips, and it includes the likes of Bateson, FUT Donkey, and more.

FIFA 22 players affected by hacking

Hacked player speaks out

FUT Donkey was hacked on January 5 and has since walked people through their experience with a few tweets.

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They said: “When I got hacked yesterday I was able to log in on console before they moved my coins and I decided to delete my club and hope EA would restore it later, this would also stop the hackers from getting any money from my coins. Here is the video of it as proof…”

In a follow-up, the player revealed that once their club had been restored, the coins had been taken away.

A number of messages have since been sent to Dexerto, with affected players claiming that the game’s developers are not doing enough to communicate about this issue.

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Speaking to Dexerto, FUT Donkey echoed those sentiments: “Firstly, I would like everyone who has been affected by the hacks to have their content returned. Secondly, the whole security system needs an overhaul, whether that means working with a different company (as it is outsourced) is not for me to say, but this can’t keep happening.”

They have since set up a petition, calling for EA to improve its security system, stating in another tweet that the personal information obtained by these hackers is a more frightening prospect than losing their coins. Of which, 50 million coins were taken from his account – an enormous amount that will take taken countless hours to obtain… All lost in one swoop.

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Without answers about how their cases will be handled, and what changes will follow to prevent such damaging hacks in the future, Dexerto has reached out to EA SPORTS for comment.

Update: EA statement

EA SPORTS has since released the following statement.

“We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating.

“More information on how to secure your account, including how to enable two-factor authentication, can be found here,” along with a link to their 2FA tutorial page.

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Affected players have been left disappointed with the response, and some have admitted they are now looking into legal advice.

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