How FIFA 23 anti-cheat works: Plan to tackle hackers explained

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EA have confirmed they’ve made considerable improvements to FIFA 23’s PC port with the introduction of an anti-cheat. But, you may be wondering how does the FIFA 23 anti-cheat actually tackle cheaters? Here, we’ll run through all the details.

For years now, playing FIFA on a PC has been a much less enjoyable experience when compared to playing on a console.

After constant crashing, missing features, and cheaters wreaking absolute havoc, fans will finally be able to have a pleasant experience playing on PC with the release of FIFA 23, much thanks to EA’s new anti-cheat.

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How does FIFA 23’s anti-cheat work?

The EA AntiCheat (EAAC) will prevent external files and software from being injected into the game. This also means software modifications or community mods likely won’t work.

In an EA blog post on September 13, Sr. Director, Game Security & Anti-Cheat developer Elise Murphy revealed the studio’s new commitments in creating a safe and fair experience for all FIFA players.

To help tackle cheaters on PC platform, EA has announced announced they’ll be launching the new EA AntiCheat (EAAC) which will debut with FIFA 23.

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This comes as a result of several high-profile incidents of accounts being hacked and coins stolen in FIFA 22 – which Dexerto investigated thoroughly.

The anti-cheat will activate itself when you first launch FIFA 23, and will automatically close when the game is no longer running. If you happen to uninstall the game, EAAC will be automatically uninstalled too, unless there’s another game on your system that requires it.

FIFA 23 anti-cheat frequently asked questions and answersEA
EA anti-cheat FAQs.

FIFA 23 will only be able to be played offline as long as the anti-cheat is installed. According to EA, developers tamper with singe player files to build cheats. Protecting single players’ modes is crucial to protecting online modes as well.

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So far, players have responded positively to EA’s anti-cheat announcement, with fans claiming it was “greatly needed.” However, we’ll have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype.

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