FIFA 22 is finally relegating players in Division Rivals as new season begins

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EA SPORTS are finally relegating FIFA 22 players in Division Rivals ahead of Season 2 as part of the season’s soft reset. However, don’t expect in-season relegations any time soon, with no changes to the feature coming in the latest update.

FIFA 22 included no shortage of reworks and overhauls to the game’s mechanics, and Division Rivals (plus FUT Champions) was no exception. While most changes landed well within the community, the removal of relegations in Division Rivals did not.

Previously, Division Rivals worked on a skill rating system, allowing you to freely promote and demote through divisions depending on results.

The ladder system introduced in FIFA 22 added checkpoints that players cannot fall below though, and those checkpoints have concerned players who believe they’re playing above their skill level constantly.

The Division Rivals ladder grind — with its checkpoints — has infuriated some players in FIFA 22 because of the lack of relegations.

In FUT Season 2, EA SPORTS is heeding the community’s calls for relegations ⁠— somewhat. Every player, from Elite to Division 8, will be relegated in some capacity when the November 11 update launches.

However, it’ll only be a soft reset at the start of the season, and no-in season relegations are being added. Players from Elite to Division 6 will be relegated two tiers, while those in Divisions 7 and 8 will drop by one. Division 9 and 10 players will stay where they are.

“There’s a progression reset at the start of each new FUT season, but it’s not a full reset,” developer Joel Doonan said on November 9.

The addition of this reset to Division Rivals isn’t exactly new ⁠— EA SPORTS mentioned it was coming each FUT season in their pre-release pitch notes.

And the reset isn’t exactly what players have been calling for. Some are now opting to play other FIFA 22 modes, or drop the game entirely, because they feel they cannot compete fairly in Division Rivals without relegations.

FIFA 22 Division Rivals progression will change in FUT Season 2

While relegation may not be changing, promotion and the ladder system will be for some FIFA 22 players. Doonan confirmed there will be adjustments for players in Division 5, 6, 7, and 9 in FUT Season 2. However, the exact details have not been finalized ahead of the season start.

There will also be an increase in milestone rewards in Division Rivals, but no changes to weekly rewards are coming, and neither to FUT Champions. We will confirm this once the update launches.

FUT Season 2 will begin on Nov. 11 at 8am UTC, immediately after Season 1 ends.

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