FIFA 22 players beg EA SPORTS to bring back FUT relegation

fifa-22-ea-sports-FUT-division-rivals-relegationEA SPORTS

FIFA 22 players are begging EA SPORTS to bring back the relegation feature in FIFA Ultimate Team’s Division Rivals mode, claiming its absence makes the experience less enjoyable.

FIFA 22 has earned lots of praise from the critics and the community alike. Not only did the developers tweak the gameplay, but they also overhauled some of the game’s most popular modes, including Division Rivals.

However, one thing that isn’t sitting well with fans was their decision to remove the relegation feature. They believe it makes the Division Rivals experience less enjoyable overall, and they took to social media to explain why.

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Division Rivals is arguably FIFA 22’s most competitive mode.

In previous iterations of the game, Division Rivals included a skill rating system that saw players move up or down across different divisions depending on their results. They could be promoted or relegated along the way.

That all changed in FIFA 22, though, with the introduction of a new ladder system. Players can still move up or down the ladder. However, there are now checkpoints in each division that prevent players from falling below that point.

In other words, relegation is no longer possible, no matter how poorly a player performs, and people aren’t happy about it. They claim it’s gotten them stuck in higher divisions against opponents above their skill level.

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FIFA 22 players aren’t happy with the lack of relegations in Division Rivals.

In a Reddit thread titled, ‘I wish they still had relegations,’ a player named /u/ASJ_ claims he no longer enjoys playing because he’s stuck in too high of a division.

The top comment in the thread, written by /u/Upset_Elk_9980, echoed the sentiment. “Yeah, think I’ve hit my peak too in Div 4,” he said. “Stopped playing FUT tbh and play career mode instead. Not worth the ball ache.”

Some players were less sympathetic, though. /u/TwabbyMcTwapface wrote: “It’s a competitive game mode, people. You got in that division yourself, you didn’t get thrown in there by EA. If your opponents are better, learn to improve or suck it up.”

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However, another player named /u/siderealpanic responded in disagreement, saying, “Video games are supposed to be fun. The current format has a big, unnecessary flaw that makes the game less fun for large portions of the player base.”

The debate is raging on. However, it’s important to note that the ladder will reset when the season finishes on November 15, 2021. Every player will drop back down to Divison 10, and they’ll need to start again from scratch.

Still, it’s clear that many players aren’t fond of the new system. They want the developers to change it back to the way it was in previous titles and won’t hesitate to voice their opinions to help make it happen.

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