FIFA 22 players slam “toxic” FUT Friendlies after ICON Swaps launch

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In recent years, an unspoken ‘golden goal’ has emerged among the FIFA players for those who are completing objectives in FUT Friendlies. But just as ICON Swaps have launched in FIFA 22, fans feel that it is bringing out the worst side of players.

Ever since objectives became a key part of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, an unspoken rule emerged among players who want to blitz through the challenges as quickly as possible. The understanding is that whoever concedes the first goal leaves the match and gives their opponent the win.

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The idea is that by leaving after the first goal, everyone can get into the next match sooner and boost to the objective at a quicker rate. It is a process that has been present across multiple installments now, as the games do not affect your overall win/loss record.

Of course, not all players choose to do it this way. Whether it’s because they need goals rather than wins, or they simply want to play out the match as intended.

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ICON Swaps may have brought out the worst in the FIFA 22 community.

Now that ICON Swaps, one of the most-anticipated FIFA 22 events, is underway, more and more players are desperate to complete objectives on FUT Friendlies. This is leading to many players reporting toxic behavior when they enter the mode.

Fans have recalled incidents where an opponent would pause the game immediately after scoring, in an attempt to force them into quitting. Players who don’t quit are even being subjected to abusive messages.


“Screw me for playing the game I paid for right?” said one disgruntled player on Reddit. “The amount of hate messages I’ve gotten is so funny. This community is so entitled man.”

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Others mentioned cases where players would quit when the match is a draw, just because their opponent didn’t immediately leave. There was also mention of people changing their squad names to ‘golden goal’ in the hopes of getting an easy win.

“Everyone is so addicted to getting rewards fast,” argued another fan. “I would actually prefer people staying after I score. I want to play FIFA and not pack simulator.”

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Grinding Swaps Tokens lets players unlock top-rated ICONS.

While this problem is certainly most prevalent in FUT Friendlies, it has also emerged in FUT Champions this year. The revamped rewards structure means that Champs players can secure their rewards as soon as all their games are done, instead of having to wait until a specific day and time.

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This is causing the same unspoken golden goal rule to creep into FIFA 22’s most competitive mode, which could spell problems for the long-term enjoyment of the mode.

EA Sports have so far done very little to try and combat the toxicity that exists in FUT Friendlies and FUT Champs this year. But many fans will be holding out hope that some kind of penalty will be implemented for those making the game less enjoyable.

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