FIFA 22 gives Messi new custom celebration and it’s insane


FIFA 22 is a much-upgraded experience on next-gen consoles and this insane custom Messi celebration is just one way that the game steps up in the new era. 

Lionel Messi is one of football’s biggest stars, and with a career filled with excellent celebrations, he’s a no-brainer when it comes to adding custom content to the game.

That’s exactly what EA has done in FIFA 22 with this all-new scene that references La Pulga’s history with pitch invaders sneaking onto the field to meet their idol face to face.

Messi’s new FIFA 22 custom celebration is unreal

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Leo Messi’s post-goal celebration is a nice touch for next-gen players and audiences.

This specific celebration was spotted by Katiniccc after they tallied a go-ahead goal with the Argentinian in a preseason matchup.

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After putting the ball behind the keeper, Messi takes off on one of his favorite celebrations and his teammates rush to greet him.

While adding player-specific celebrations is already a big change, if you look closely at the scene you can see a fan wearing the club’s top and shorts rushing onto the pitch before getting stopped by security.

Messi isn’t the only superstar to get this treatment though. As another commenter pointed out, Cristiano Ronaldo also has one of his more notorious moments in the game as well: “Ronaldo too! He has an alternative version of the “SIUUUUU” celebration. I wonder if there’s more?”

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These kinds of celebrations are exclusive to next-gen consoles and the rest of the player base isn’t too happy about it. One user suggested that holding off on upgrades like this for the PC version was a big mistake: “The fact that pc players cannot experience scenes like this has ruined FIFA for me.”

It seems like an update to include this kind of scene on PC and last-gen consoles is out of the question as well, so anyone who wants to experience these types of moments for themselves will have to shell out for an Xbox Series X|S or a PlayStation 5.

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