FIFA 22 leak reveals new FUT Champions Weekend League format & rewards

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A new leak for FIFA 22 has revealed a change to the Weekend League format that should consolidate the events in the upcoming title.

The current layout to Weekend Leagues is a tall ask for a lot of players. There’s been constant feedback from the community who try and fail to squeeze in 30 matches between Friday and Monday.

The mode that’s usually touted as the ‘pinnacle of competition in FIFA Ultimate Team’ has been rough for people in 2021, but that could be changed if a leak by prominent insider ‘KingLangpard’ is to be believed.

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With all eyes on EA for the next innovations to come to FIFA, fans might have just received the first preview of what to expect for FUT’s weekend tourneys.

FIFA 22 Weekend League format leak

Changes to FIFA 22 Weekend Leagues will switch up the format and rewards it gives, per a new leak.

According to KingLangpard, Weekend League in FIFA 22 are going to be truncated from 30 games to ‘less.’

“Weekend League will no longer be 30 games. and… it will be fewer games. No confirmation on how many as of yet!” KingLangpard said.

The exact number of games in the Weekend League isn’t known as of yet, but they also said that “Weekend League Qualification required every week. 5 games to play, need to win 3 or more for qualification. Can only enter 3 times a week.”

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This will give people a lot more flexibility throughout the week to give more people time to compete instead of fitting it all in the weekend.

FIFA 22 Weekends League rewards leak

Along with a format change, there’s going to be a different structure to how rewards are distributed in the Weekend League.

“There will be certain players in rewards and now the higher the rank you are the better version of the player you will get!” KingLangpard said.

This means that if you want to load your 11 with the best possible players, you’re gonna have to climb the ranks to reap better rewards.

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While we wait for official news for FIFA 22, this is already giving us an idea of where EA wants to improve their Weekend League. Stay tuned to @UltimateTeamUK for the latest on all things FUT.

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