FIFA 22 Career Mode glitch is ruining Cup Finals that end in draw

fifa 22 champions league trophy with psg and man cityEA SPORTS

FIFA 22 Career Mode players grind through the game for hours and hours to make it to major cup finals, but there’s a new glitch that goes against the rules of football. 

As any football or FIFA fan will know, finals are contested between two teams at the end of several elimination rounds.

In a one-off match, they face off with the winner taking the trophy home, and the loser walking away with a runners-up medal.

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However, it appears that FIFA 22 has stopped playing by those rules and taken things in another direction.

FIFA 22 Career Mode glitch ruining finals

A post to the FIFA 22 subreddit has been upvoted by hundreds of people since it first surfaced, with user TheDave804Cz making fun of a problem not many will have seen before.

In the spirit of “there are no losers,” Career Mode has started to allow teams to share the trophy if the game ends as a tie in normal time.

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As for extra time, well, that’s also been scrapped by the strange in-game glitch.

FIFA 22 players react

As you might expect, it didn’t take long for members of the community to have a laugh about it.

One posted: “Drink it in, I swear you’ll never see anything like this again! – Martin Tyler.” A second FIFA player said: “Everyone’s a winner.”

It appears that others have also had issues with the European Championships.

Jurgen Klopp FIFA 20EA SPORTS
Imagine telling Jurgen Klopp he’s sharing his trophies with Man City…

Another said: “I had the same thing happen where the season ended after I had won my group in Euros and the competition just stopped. Ruined the immersion in Career Mode so just restarted it all.”

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It is unclear as to whether or not this bug is a widespread problem affecting lots of players or a complete one-off. However, the potential for it to happen will still be a concern for many managers.

Imagine completing three or four seasons with a smaller team, multiple promotions, and your Champions League final ends like this…

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