FIFA 21 will finally bin Ultimate Team Fitness cards, according to FUT leak - Dexerto

FIFA 21 leak claims EA are planning to scrap Ultimate Team Fitness cards

Published: 29/Jul/2020 5:59

by Isaac McIntyre


EA SPORTS could be set to finally do away with FIFA’s divisive Ultimate Team fitness cards in FIFA 21, according to new rumors. The question is, will the FIFA publishers follow through with the long-demanded change?

FUT has plenty of “stocking stuffers” in its purchasable FIFA Packs, including training boosts, position swaps, player contracts, and fitness cards. There’s also items and staff cards, which often fill more than three-quarters of any one pack.

The most divisive ‘pack filler’ in Ultimate Team’s eleven-year history has, without a doubt, been fitness cards. FIFA 20 actually launched with a “fitness glitch” that all-but voided the feature, and some FUT fans still regard those early release months as the “greatest ever” period for the mode.

FIFA 21 could dump Ultimate Team fitness cards

Those same fans will be ecstatic, then, to hear EA SPORTS are now tossing up the possibility of axing the divisive fitness system altogether in FIFA 21, according to new rumors.

The potential leak, which was shared on Reddit, also mentioned a “set amount of games” for Division Rivals each week. This was also suggested by an EA insider, who has been sharing FIFA 21 Beta screenshots on Twitter this week.

Dexerto understands if these major fitness changes truly are locked in behind the scenes, the swap would come into effect when EA’s 2020 title releases in October. FIFA 20 would not be affected by these planned changes.

The change certainly makes sense too. EA stripped “fitness” out of their NHL ‘HUT’ mode years ago. Madden’s Ultimate Team went in the same direction; MUT now simply refreshes player stamina back to the max ‘99’ after every match.

EA has also gone one step further with MUT, removing contract cards as well. In their place, Madden players simply cop a 10% transaction fee on all market sales. That’s double the 5% surcharge in place in FIFA and the NHL series.

Madden has laid the pathway for FIFA 21 to remove fitness cards.
Madden’s Ultimate Team mode has laid the groundwork for FIFA 21 to remove fitness cards.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling just how true these rumors are until EA drops new gameplay updates. We’re expecting the publishers to unveil new FIFA 21  changes this month though, so an official announcement shouldn’t be far off.

The full FIFA 21 release should be available to play through early access in late September. It will then officially be released on October 9. Keep up to date with all the news and updates on the 2020 release on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.


Major FIFA 21 glitch is completely ruining FUT Champs matches

Published: 31/Oct/2020 14:33

by Connor Bennett


FIFA 21 players are having their FUT Champs games ruined by a new major glitch that involves making substitutions to your Ultimate Team. 

When it comes to testing your FIFA skills against the best, there’s no better competition than grinding through FUT Champs.

The Ultimate Team mode, where you play 30 games over a weekend and try to rack up wins for some nice red pick players, packs, and coins, rewards the best of the best for dominating with their teams.

However, in FIFA 21, it also appears to be attracting a number of issues as well – with the newest one causing games to fall apart if someone tries to make a sub.

FUT Champs logo with FIFA 21 logo
Graphics: EA SPORTS
FUT Champs is where the best of the best square off in FIFA.

Players have been running into the issue over the last few weekends, but YouTuber Vizeh seemed to have nailed down what has been causing the problems to ruin matches. 

“*WARNING* If you’re playing FUT Champs and you or your opponent scores a goal, if you instantly make a sub to your team, it will likely freeze on the FUT Champs transition and will give you the loss, even if you are winning,” the YouTuber tweeted.

Many players noted that they’ve also experienced the glitch in their own games but didn’t understand what was happening until it was pointed out. Others suggested that it’s also happening in other FUT modes like draft. 

For FIFA 21, EA SPORTS have been ramping up their efforts when it comes to battling issues in game modes like Ultimate Team, Career, and even VOLTA by setting up a public Trello board. 

However, as of writing, the FUT Champs issue has not been noted on either the Trello board or any of the FIFA social media pages, so it’s unknown if EA is aware of it. Though, players will be hoping that it is addressed sooner rather than later.