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FIFA 20 Ultimate TOTSSF Guaranteed SBC: Solution, cost, more

Published: 14/Jun/2020 10:26

by Connor Bennett


The Ultimate TOTSSF squad building challenge (SBC) is now back live in FIFA 20. Here, you can find the requirements, cost, and a few cheap solutions to grab yourself a highly-rated TOTS So Far card.

As EA have been releasing the Team of the Season So Far squads, SBCs have quickly followed – promising at least one guaranteed TOTSSF card. With the Ultimate TOTS So Far squad being a collection of the best cards, fans had been eager for the squad building challenge that would follow its release. 

After some waiting, the SBC finally went live on June 13, but as players scrambled to complete it, EA removed it from the list of active SBCs. The challenge has now returned, so here is everything you need to know about it.

FIFA 20 Ultimate TOTSSF squad is stacked with high-rated players.

FIFA 20 Ultimate TOTSSF SBC requirements & cost

As you might expect, completing the Ultimate TOTSSF Guaranteed SBC isn’t going to be easy. Yes, you may only need to build one lineup, but the requirements are pretty brutal.

What EA has set out will require you to part ways with at least one TOTS card and an 89 overall rated squad that has at least 70 team chemistry. These squads can end up being better than the teams that some players actually use in FUT Champs.  

Ultimate TOTSSF Guaranteed SBC:

  • Number of TOTS Cards in squad: Min. 1
  • Squad rating: Min. 89
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 70

FIFA 20 Ultimate TOTSSF SBC answers

Now, if the requirements don’t scare you off, then you’ll probably be looking to complete the SBC in the cheapest possible way. Though, if you don’t have cards laying out your club, it might be a pretty expensive endeavor.

According to FUTBIN, completing the SBC will cost at least 345,000 coins on both Xbox and PlayStation, while Origin on PC players will have to part ways with around 405,000 coins. However, we’ve compiled a few solutions that might get you under that price tag.

Though, you won’t have to give your coin balance a hammering after completing the challenge as it is non-repeatable. Yet, if you haven’t got the coins readily available now, you’ve only got three days to get them together before the challenge is no longer active, again. 

If you manage to complete the SBC and pack something other than a Sancho or Hummels, be sure to let us know what you got on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.


How to complete FIFA 21’s Premier League & Bundesliga double upgrade SBCs

Published: 29/Nov/2020 15:11

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS have dropped a handful of double upgrade squad building challenges into FIFA 21. Here, we’ve got cheap solutions for the Premier League and Bundesliga SBCs.

As the FIFA year unfolds, EA SPORTS rolls out plenty of new content – especially when it comes to Ultimate Team.

There are new cards, packs, players, and plenty of things to get your hands-on – with the majority of these coming through Squad Building Challenges.

In the newest set, EA have released double upgrade SBCs where you can get two rare players from a league of your choice. However, we’re focusing on the Premier League and Bundesliga for now. 

FIFA 21 Lewandowski
FIFA 21 has many good attacking players, but not a lot are better than Bayern’s top striker.

Premier League & Bundesliga Double Upgrade SBC requirements

The requirements for both challenges are simple, and identical as well, bar needing to change it up for the league you’re after.

You’ll need to hand over 11 rare, gold players, with at least six of those coming from the league you’re doing – so, six Premier League players for the Premier League SBC and six from the Bundesliga for the Bundesliga SBC.

You can pick 11 rare players, there’s nothing stopping you, but if you decide to mix in other leagues, bare in mind that you will need a minimum of 70 Team Chemistry to complete both SBCs. Squad Rating doesn’t matter here. 

  • Bundesliga 81+ Double Upgrade: Min. 6 players from Bundesliga, exactly 11 gold players, Min. 70 Team Chemistry.
  • Premier League 81+ Double Upgrade: Min. 6 players from Premier League, exactly 11 gold players, Min. 70 Team Chemistry.

Premier League & Bundesliga Double Upgrade SBC cheap solutions

Now, the challenge is ideal for anyone who has a tonne of fodder cards laying around, but if you don’t, and need to build the team from scratch, it won’t cost too much.

According to FUTBin, both challenges will cost anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 coins regardless of your console. Though, we’ve got a few solutions that should save you some coins. 

For completing the SBC, you’ll get two players that are at least 81-rated from your selected league. If you want to keep trying your luck, well you can, as the challenge is repeatable. 

If you manage to grab anyone good, be sure to send us a picture over on Twitter – @UltimateTeamUK.