FIFA 20 Benzema POTM SBC June: Requirements, cost, solutions

Bill Cooney
Karim Benzema La Liga POTM SBC FIFA 20 FUT

Karim Benzema been voted La Liga’s player of the month for June 2020, earning him an exclusive POTM SBC in FIFA 20. Here’s how you can complete it as cheaply and easily as possible.

The French striker has been on an absolute tear in the Spanish top league as of late, and to reward his outstanding performance on the pitch for Real Madrid he’s been chosen as La Liga’s POTM for June 2020.

Obviously, in FIFA 20, that means yet another upgrade, bringing Karim’s stats up slightly to a highly decent 92 overall – reaching a seriously impressive level both IRL and in the game.

Karim Benzema FIFA 20 SBC requirements

There’s only one squad you need to turn in to nab this Benzema card, and in all honesty, it’s one of the easier POTM SBCs we’ve seen yet. The requirements are:

  • Number of players from Real Madrid: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: Player of the Month for June, Karim Benzema

The SBC shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to complete, especially as you can find some real bargains both at Real Madrid and in La Liga. On top of that, the price in FUT coins is practically pocket change for those of us who play consistently.

LL POTM Kaim Benzema FIFA 20 SBC June solutions and cost

As we mentioned earlier, completing this SBC shouldn’t be very expensive at all, nor particularly difficult to complete. It can be knocked out for around 45,000 FUT coins on PlayStation, 49,000 on Origin PC, and 50,000 on Xbox, though you might be able to do it even cheaper if you really look around.

Here’s a couple of the cheapest solutions we’ve found so far, courtesy of FUTBIN.

Benzema POTM SBC June 2018 cheapest solution
The cheapest solution to Benzema’s POTM SBC in FIFA 20 FUT.
Cheap solution to Benzema June POTM SBC FIFA 20 FUT
Another cheap solution to Benzema’s POTM SBC in FIFA 20 FUT.

In total, the SBC shouldn’t cost you any more than around 60,000 coins max at the very high end of things, so it’s not a huge financial burden at all – especially considering you’re getting a 92-rated card guaranteed when you finish. Time shouldn’t be an issue either, since this SBC is available for another 27 days, until Monday, August 10.

What do you think of Karim Benzema’s new POTM SBC for June? The choice seems to have gone over well in our mentions over at @UltimateTeamUK, so let us know what you think.