eMLS Cup winner Didychrislito discusses his “dream” win and FIFA 21 meta

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Chris ‘Didychrislito’ Holly says it’s a “dream come true” to clinch the eMLS Cup title and round off his FIFA 21 treble ⁠— an achievement the New York City star notched in the most exciting way possible, downing friend George Adamou in the Hudson River derby last weekend.

Holly knew the treble was “quite possible” at the eMLS Cup.

What the FIFA 21 champion didn’t bank on, he told Dexerto soon after lifting the North American trophy, was just how dominant he would be on the road to his third piece of shiny silverware for the year. All Didychrislito had in his mind was playing good FIFA, but didn’t dare believe he could achieve “the dream” treble.

That was, until he hit double digits against the Last Chance Qualifier winner AlanAvi in the top 8. Picking apart his FC Dallas opponent in an 11-3 thrashing gave him the shot of confidence he used to steamroll to the finish line. 

“When I won that first one, I started to feel pretty confident. I started to think ‘yeah I can do this, I can get that third,’ and that helped,” the New York star said in an exclusive interview with Dexerto. “I knew that I was on my A-game… the goals just kept coming, and I just kept scoring.”

“It was a big task ⁠— everyone wants to win ⁠— but I won, so I’m happy.”

eMLS Cup New York derby

The win was made all the sweeter, the New York City star continued, by the dramatic matchup dished up in the Grand Final. Didychrislito found himself facing off against close friend and New York Red Bulls rival George ‘G_Adamou’ Adamou for the elusive eMLS Cup crown.

“It was the Hudson River derby, so obviously you always want to get the win… and then George is also one of my good friends in the scene. We play a lot of Warzone together! We even went [on a] holiday together two years ago,” he laughed.

“A bittersweet feeling, because he’s such a good friend. On the pitch though, it’s all about winning. Thankfully though, I won. I think he’ll understand.”

Not a fan of the FIFA 21 meta

Even more impressively, Holly dropped a bombshell admission ⁠— the eMLS champion “doesn’t really like” this year’s FIFA 21 metagame.

It’s ironic, considering how well his 2021 has gone so far.

“If I’m being honest, I don’t love it. It feels like you don’t need too much skill. It’s just dash, nutmeg, then the shot cancels, and skill move cancels. It’s not that realistic, in my eyes,” the champ said when asked about the FUT 2021 meta.

“That being said, to be the best you have to adapt and abuse the meta, even if you don’t like them much. I try to do that every year, and this time it’s paying off.”

Didychrislito is now the defending champion at all three eMLS FIFA events.

Eye on the next prize

And now, Didychrislito turns his attention to the next challenge.

The eMLS Cup champ steps right into an illustrious eWorld Cup battle this weekend, with the North American FIFA 21 event’s round qualifiers. Beyond that, the Haitian star is already preparing for another trial: defending his treble of titles.

“I’m ready to play with that pressure, for sure,” the New York City FC star said. “I’ve always been the guy to beat in the league, for the most part, so next year I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Hopefully, I can win it all over again.”

Ready to re-live Didychrislito’s eMLS win? We’ve got all the action, blow by blow, recapped here, as well as a wrap of all the FIFA event’s biggest moments.

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