Castro1021 reveals insane amount he’s spent on FUT packs ahead of FIFA 23

Ryan Lemay
castro 1021

OpTic Hecz interviewed Castro1021 on The Eavesdrop Podcast, and the FIFA streamer revealed an insane amount he has spent on Ultimate Team packs.

Castro1021 began his streaming career in 2014 on YouTube. Nine years later, he is the face of US FIFA streaming and averages thousands of viewers per broadcast.

Opening FUT packs always attracts players on Twitch. Castro1021 hauls in massive amounts of viewers when opening packs on stream, and over the years, he has built up an extensive tab.

Ultimate Team alone contributed to some $1.6 billion of revenue via extra content sales, in 2021 – according to Statista.

It is not a mystery that Castro1021 spends a lot of money on microtransactions in-game. However, the amount he revealed to spend on packs is staggering.

Jack Grealish shooting in fifa 23
Get ready for epic matches across different platforms.

Castro1021 reveals massive Ultimate Team bill

Hecz asked Castro for an estimated amount spent on FIFA packs.

“For sure, a couple hundred thousand.” Hecz asked if the number could be $500K, and Castro responded, “probably.”

FIFA 22 Ronaldo pack animation
Nothing tops the feeling of a big pack in FIFA Ultimate Team

Castro 1021 shared, “I have loved opening packs ever since I started streaming, and it is something I like doing.”

Every year, players start fresh and lose all of their progress from the previous title. All in-game currency and players awarded from packs become useless.

“I have gotten so into the physical collectible cards because they are something I can give back to my kids. With FIFA packs, it resets the next year and you have to do it all over again. It’s not something I can hold onto forever.”

The FIFA streamer opens physical football card packs during the summer to bridge the gap between games.

Recently Castro1021 opened a pack containing a Messi autographed card and another pack with a Ronaldo one-of-one card. The FIFA streamer claimed high-value cards sell between $5,000-$10,000.

When asked whether FIFA packs or physical card packs are more rewarding, Castro responded physical cards are “more special to me.”