Castro1021 fans stunned at streamer’s Twitch ban

Castro1021 was banned from TwitchYouTube: Castro1021, Twitch

FIFA streamer Edwin Castro has been banned on Twitch for unknown reasons, leaving fans stunned and searching for answers.

Castro jumped to popularity when he joined The Sidemen along with notable influencers like KSI and Vikkstar.

He’s been well-known for his FIFA livestreams that have raised significant money for charity, including participating in last year’s Sideman Charity Match against several of his Sidemen compatriots and MrBeast.

But Castro has also been known for some minor controversies, including capturing a high-speed chase live during an IRL stream around the FIFA World Cup.

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Castro1021 gets mysteriously banned

The StreamerBans Twitter account has confirmed that Castro1021’s account was banned on April 13. And it’s not a late April Fool’s joke.

Already multiple fans are coming to Castro’s defense, questioning what the Mexican-American streamer even did to warrant a ban.

Fellow streamer soap agreed with the fan sentiment, saying, “There’s no way he did anything to get banned.”

Now, this isn’t the first blemish on Castro’s record. He was once banned from the FIFA 22 FUT transfer market, despite being partnered with EA Sports’ Game Changer program.

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He also has a penchant for blowing up during FIFA matches, and has broken his fair share of controllers out of frustration on stream.

However, for someone who has devoted so much of his streaming career to charitable work and without an obvious reason for this ban, his fans and colleagues are understandably confused.

We will update this space when more information becomes available.

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