Castro1021 absolutely destroys his controller and headset during a match of FIFA 19 - Dexerto

Castro1021 absolutely destroys his controller and headset during a match of FIFA 19

Published: 25/Sep/2018 2:24

by Albert Petrosyan


FIFA 19 has not even fully released yet, and Twitch streamer Edwin ‘Castro1021’ Castro is already breaking controllers and headsets. 

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Castro, who many would say is the biggest FIFA streamer in the world, was live-streaming early access of FIFA 19 when he ran into a difficult opponent in a match played in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

Already losing 4-2 in the 70th minute, his opponent executed a perfect counterattack which ended with a fifth goal, virtually ending Castro’s chances of winning the match and eliminating him from the knockout-style FUT Draft.

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Although he acknowledged the quality of his opponents counterattack and resulting goal, he could not hold back his frustration and anger as he proceeded to smash both his controller and headset in a fit of absolute rage.


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This is certainly not the first time that the longtime streamer has broken things while playing FIFA. 

Clips of his FIFA induced rage are littered all over YouTube, and one can simply tune into his live-stream knowing there’s always a chance he’ll smash something to bits. 

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While all the controller smashing can be a good source of entertainment, many who have played FIFA over the years can attest to how frustrating the game can get, so it’s difficult to blame Castro for reacting that way. 

However, fans of Castro’s rage-filled reactions have a good reason to be excited for this FIFA title, since he’s already breaking things and the game is still days away from a full release.