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Castro1021 absolutely destroys his controller and headset during a match of FIFA 19

Published: 25/Sep/2018 2:24

by Albert Petrosyan


FIFA 19 has not even fully released yet, and Twitch streamer Edwin ‘Castro1021’ Castro is already breaking controllers and headsets. 

Castro, who many would say is the biggest FIFA streamer in the world, was live-streaming early access of FIFA 19 when he ran into a difficult opponent in a match played in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

Already losing 4-2 in the 70th minute, his opponent executed a perfect counterattack which ended with a fifth goal, virtually ending Castro’s chances of winning the match and eliminating him from the knockout-style FUT Draft.

Although he acknowledged the quality of his opponents counterattack and resulting goal, he could not hold back his frustration and anger as he proceeded to smash both his controller and headset in a fit of absolute rage.

This is certainly not the first time that the longtime streamer has broken things while playing FIFA. 

Clips of his FIFA induced rage are littered all over YouTube, and one can simply tune into his live-stream knowing there’s always a chance he’ll smash something to bits. 

While all the controller smashing can be a good source of entertainment, many who have played FIFA over the years can attest to how frustrating the game can get, so it’s difficult to blame Castro for reacting that way. 

However, fans of Castro’s rage-filled reactions have a good reason to be excited for this FIFA title, since he’s already breaking things and the game is still days away from a full release. 


FIFA 21: Why you need to buy Ousmane Dembele in Ultimate Team

Published: 25/Oct/2020 13:33

by Joe Craven


Cohesive attacking is as important as ever in FIFA 21, so you need the right players to propel you forwards. Ousmane Dembele is about as good as any attacker gets, with multiple desirable qualities. Here’s why you need to buy him for your Ultimate Team.

With the dust settling on FIFA 21’s opening weeks, the market and meta are becoming more clear. Fast attacking players with strong shot power are vital to beat out this year’s lacklustre goalkeepers.

What has quickly become clear is that Barcelona and France winger Ousmane Dembele is one of the very best players on offer in Ultimate Team, regardless of price. We have seen multiple pro players and content creators singing his praises, focusing on his pace, finishing and weak foot. Here’s every reason why you need to buy Dembele in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Ousmane Dembele holding the World Cup
A World Cup winner with France, Dembele is one of the most talented young wingers in the world.

Ousmane Dembele in-game stats for FIFA 21

First off, he boasts 5* skill moves and 5* weak foot. The former enables him to perform any skill move in the game, while the latter maximizes his attacking abilities. Knowing that he is equally adept with either foot means players can turn defenders either way and keep opponents guessing. Whatever position he finds himself in, his weak foot means he can finish with precision.

Next up is his price. According to FUTBIN, at the time of writing, Dembele is worth 50,000 coins on PS4, 52,000 on Xbox, and 37,000 PC. That is ludicrously cheap for a player of his quality.

92 pace, 86 dribbling, 77 shooting, and passing for 50,000 coins is a steal. When we compare him to some of the other options for the wing, it becomes clearer just how cheap he is. Liverpool’s Sadio Mane currently costs around 350,000 coins, while Ansu Fati’s POTM SBC is currently costing around 175,000 coins. Dembele then, not only boasts 5* skill moves and weak foot, but is a bargain at the same time.

A full look at his stats is available below, from FUTBIN:

Ousmane Dembele Stats in FIFA 21 from FUTBIN
Dembele’s full stats in FIFA 21.

Best Chemistry Style for Ousmane Dembele

Those base stats are impressive, but become even more scintillating with the right Chemistry Style. For Dembele, we’d recommend a Hunter or Deadeye. The latter will boost his shooting to 86 and his passing to 85. Combine this with 86 dribbling and 92 pace, and he becomes one of the very best wingers in all of FIFA 21.

Shot power, too, has grown in importance in recent FIFAs. Dembele’s base stat of 83 is decent, but a Deadeye or Hunter will take this to a jaw-dropping 98.

What’s more, is his viability in a number of roles. Off the left is obviously where you’ll get maximum chemistry, but his weak foot rating and incredible stats mean he is an excellent fit on the right or up-front. Needless to say, make him a LF if you’re going to play him as a ST.

Finally, he can be fit into many squads. His French nationality means he can slot into a PL side alongside, Martial, Pogba, Digne, and Lacazette. Or just put him into a La Liga outfit alongside the plethora of talent in Spain’s top tier. If you’re going to buy one player and build a team around him, make it Dembele.