Castro explodes into rage after FIFA 22 miss makes him snap controller

. 9 months ago
fifa 22 castro twitch streamer
Castro Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Castro_1021’ popped off after a near-miss in the final moments of a close FIFA 22 match – which ended one less Xbox controller in his collection.

Though EA Sports released another iteration of their legendary football sim, FIFA 22 still delivers the same tension and emotions that led to some epic rage-induced moments from players.

Fans of the longtime FUT streamer know that if there’s a FIFA title to be played, then he’ll be there opening packs, theory-crafting lineups, and climbing the online ladders.

True to form, Castro was in the trenches of online play that turned into a really tense back-and-forth against one opponent. FIFA can sometimes get heated, but that’s because baffling moments tend to occur.

That’s the kind of match Castro encountered during his Oct 5 broadcast where he managed to perform well in a laggy game and nearly came away with a clutch finish too – but was narrowly denied.

After answering an opening goal, Castro went into the second half tied at 1-1. Getting anything started on his attacking third was a relief seeing as he had bouts of lag to contend with.

Then the Twitch streamer went down 1-2. This is where your typical FIFA player instinctively stops themselves from sending the closest object near them through the air. Too many times, that object is what’s already in their hands.

The game came down to the wire, where Castro had the momentum to steal a tie, but his FUT strikers just weren’t online that match.

fifa 22 castro twitch streamer
Castro Twitch
The aftermatch of Castro’s tense match that some FIFA 22 players can relate to.

He had his final chance stopped by a flying goalkeeper, and that was it. Castro straight murdered his controller and slammed it on the floor so hard it bounced up to his height. Castro had excellent gamer-rage form, safely leaning away from where the control was going to pop. But that ended the life of his “favorite” Xbox controller.

FIFA 22’s season is just getting started, and we’re bound to get more epic moments from Castro throughout the year as Ultimate Team rolls on.

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