FIFA 22 player brings Ted Lasso to Career Mode and it’s perfect

Ted Lasso FIFA 22EA Sports/Apple TV

FIFA 22’s Create A Club offers a ton of features, including the ability to customize your team’s manager, and one player has already put it to great use bringing Ted Lasso into the game.

Played by Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso is the lead character of the hit Apple TV series of the same name. He’s an American Football coach hired to lead the struggling (fictional) Premier League team AFC Richmond. 

Of course, he’s not officially available in FIFA 22 as a manager, but that didn’t stop one fan who went to surprising lengths to bring Lasso to life in Create A Club.

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Ted Lasso and Richmond AFC in FIFA 22 Career Mode

KGRNxo’s version of Ted was posted to Reddit, and it does bear a striking resemblance to Sudeikis in real life.

Though that moustache does leave a bit to be desired, he’s even got the hairstyle on point. 

Create A Club, neat as it is, does have its limitations as it doesn’t allow players to import third-party images to use for crests or kits. So, Lasso is lacking the Richmond Greyhound on his team shirt.

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That being said, we can’t think of a better way to stay entertained during career matches than watching the reactions from Ted himself as your team plays through the table.

Ted Lasso Richmond FCApple TV
We wouldn’t put it past this player to fill out their team with AFC Richmond players as well.

If this player wanted to take things a step further, they could fill out their squad with the full AFC Richmond lineup as well.

Seeing as how they went the full nine yards with just their manager, it’s not hard to see them doing just that.

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FIFA 22 and the revamped Create A Club mode are still in their early days, so we very well could see even more wild creations as time goes on. As things stand, Ted Lasso will be tough to top.

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