FIFA 22 players fed up as invisible pitch lines still ruining online matches

Nathan Warby
FIFA 22 logo over stadium

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team lets players customize their stadium, all the way down to the color of paint used to outline the pitch. But the bizarre option to choose green pitch lines is making the boundaries impossible to see and is being used as a devious tactic in online matches.

FIFA Ultimate Team has evolved and expanded, players have been afforded more and freedom to customize to their clubs. FIFA 22 has more options than ever before, including expanded choices to build the FUT stadium of their dreams.

Everything from the trophies on display in each corner, to the tifos displayed before a match can be swapped and changed. Even different colored pitch lines can be found in packs alongside special cards and contracts.

However, this last option is causing serious problems with visibility, as certain colors are almost impossible to make out. Players are now calling for the different colored pitch lines to be removed from the game.

FIFA 22 pitch lines
Different color pitch lines might sound fun, but it’s causing some serious problems.

Many members of the FIFA 22 community have taken to Reddit to express their frustration with coming up against players with virtually invisible pitch markings. One such player was Redditor deefer6, who said “if any member of staff from EA is reading this, I’m begging you, stop allowing people to use different colored lines.”

This post was accompanied by a screenshot showing a FUT player using green pitch lines, which are incredibly difficult to make out. Stadiums with this feature have been causing difficulties ever since launch, as players often run the ball out of play without realizing they are close to the edge.

Other players responded calling the altered lines “horrible,” and accused those using them of looking for an extra advantage in online matches.

As you can imagine, this is also raising the question of accessibility in FIFA 22. There is currently no setting to revert pitch lines back to white, and the problem is only heightened for those who already struggle to make out colors.

“As someone who is partially color-blind, this is an absolute clusterf**k,” replied one player. ” I can’t see anything.” There is a colorblind option in the visual settings, but this doesn’t appear to have any impact on pitch lines.

It’s worth noting that EA has had this problem on its Trello tracker for some time, but is yet to release any fix or workaround. With the holiday season now over, players will be hoping to see the issue sorted in an upcoming update.