Best SBCs & Objectives to complete in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

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Best FIFA 21 FUT SBCs and Objectives

Completing SBCs and Objectives are great ways to get packs and players for your FIFA 21 FUT squad for free. Here are the ones that give the best rewards that you absolutely need to complete. 

If you don’t want to dish out real money for packs, SBCs and Objectives are great tools that can help you get the cards you need. Not all of them will be worth doing, however, so we’re here to tell you which ones are worth your time and investment.

Without further ado, here are the best SBCs and Objectives to complete.

Hybrid Leagues and Hybrid Nations SBCs

Both the Hybrid Leagues and the Hybrid Nations SBCs will earn you a tradeable rare mega pack for completing them. You also get packs for completing each leg of these SBCs, meaning you will get five in total from doing both.

Completing these isn’t overly expensive, but the challenges are tricky to figure out on your own. Be sure to check out our guide for completing these SBCs so you don’t end up wasting your coins.

FIFA 21 Advanced SBCs in EA Play
A look at the different Hybrid Leagues and Nations SBCs

You can also complete the League and Nation Hybrid SBC, as the different challenges will get you packs, but it’s not nearly as important as the other two in the group since the final reward is a kit and 13,000 coins.

Marquee Matchups SBCs

The Marquee Matchups and UEFA Marquee Matchups SBCs happen each week in FIFA 21 and you can complete them for packs. These SBCs generally aren’t very expensive and don’t require any loyalty or position changes. Doing these every week is a great way to get cards.

We provide solutions for these every week as well, so be sure to check them out!

The Silver Beasts Objective

FIFA 21 SBCs Objectives
The different challenges for the Silver Beasts Objective

Completing the Silver Beasts Objective will get you multiple 75+ rated rare players along with a rare mega pack. This makes it one of the best objectives to get done, especially if you’re just starting your FUT journey.

One thing to note about this Objective is that it will require you to complete a Silver Stars objective to get a Silver TOTW player. You will also have to play several FUT Friendlies. Don’t worry though – Friendlies are still a great way to get coins and experience.

Player Objectives and SBCs

Currently, there aren’t any amazing player objectives or SBCs that are worth investing the time or coins to get. We will keep this updated, however, to let you know which players are worth emptying your pockets for!

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