10 best players to buy for FIFA 21 FUT Champs Weekend League

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FIFA 21’s FUT Champs event goes live every weekend, allowing players of all skill levels to compete for rewards. The question is, which meta players should you buy, and how much do they cost?

The Weekend League is an event FIFA players look forward to competing in every weekend. The goal is to see how many wins a player can pick up in 30 online FUT Champs matches. The more wins you get, the better the rewards they receive at the end of the event.

As expected, FUT Champs matches are taken very seriously by much of the community, and competitors look for any advantages they can to pick up more wins. Well, one of the best methods for winning more games is to own the right cards before the Weekend League begins.

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Each week we’re going to pick ten players you should consider adding to your squad before this weekend’s FUT Champs event and include them here in this list. All prices in this article have been taken from FUTWIZ and are relevant at the time of writing.

Best FIFA 21 players to buy for FUT Champs

Federico Valverde

Federico Valverde plays for Real Madrid.

Price: 4k – 6k

Valverde is a great midfielder with a set of well-rounded stats. His standout attributes are his pace, acceleration, and physicality on the ball. On top of this, with 77 defense, he makes a great option for CDM if necessary. At 5-7k, it’s hard to find a better midfield player for the price. Take a look at your squad and see if you can find a space for him because you won’t regret it.

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Ferland Mendy

Price: 10k – 12k

Another Real Madrid player, Mendy, is a great addition to any defense and offers amazing pace and physicality. Playing without speedy full backs in this game is a crime, but that’s where the Frenchman has you sorted.

It’s also worth noting that he would make an incredible pairing with Valverde in your squad.  He’s a great investment ready for the Weekend League. Many meta players are also French, so connections are strong with this one.

Ousmane Dembele

Price: 6k – 8k

If you’re looking for a clinical finisher and don’t want to spend too many coins, look no further than Dembele. Not many have a better combination of sprint speed, acceleration, and finishing for this price – with five-star weak foot to boot. He’s guaranteed to add a spark to your team.

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Sadio Mane

Price: 77k – 94k

Sadio Mane has it all. He’s quick, excellent on the ball, clinical in front of the goals, and his passing and physicality are decent too.

He’s a little pricey compared to other budget options on this list, but he’s worth the extra amount and will likely remain in the meta for a long time.

Joe Gomez

Joe Gomez is a center back for Liverpool.

Price: 7k – 8.5k

Joe Gomez is a center half that can keep up with strikers and bully them off the ball. If you find your defense is getting outpaced, or possibly carved open a little too easily, Gomez might be the solution. He pairs speed with physicality and can be a menace for strikers to deal with.

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Raphael Varane

Price: 40k- 60k

Another Real Madrid player, Varane is a center-half you can always depend on. Like Gomez, Varane’s 82 pace means he can keep up with strikers and thwart dangerous attacking play. His 87 defending stat makes it difficult for strikers to get past him and his ability to intercept the ball is one of his standout attributes. Consider picking him up for the Weekend League if your defense is lacking.

Timo Werner

Price: 18k – 23k

If your team is lacking firepower in front of the goal then Werner may be the perfect pickup before this weekend – if you don’t have him already. With 91 pace and 85 shooting, Werner will consistently put the ball in the back of the net and just seems to have an aura about him this year.

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Sometimes it feels more difficult to nudge him off the ball than other strikers of a similar profile. For as little as 18k FUT Coins, he’s great value and someone you should consider adding to your squad.

Nick Pope

Nick Pope is an absolute beast of a goalkeeper.

Price: 1.6k – 1.8k

Nick Pope is arguably the best bang for your buck in FIFA Ultimate Team. Despite only having an 82 OVR rating, he’s surprisingly good and typically performs better than more expensive goalkeepers.

If you really want to go all out, though, consider buying his in-form variant, which has an 84 OVR rating and costs a lot more at 65k – 81k FUT Coins.

Nelson Semedo

Price: 5k – 6k

Like a lot of other cards on this list, Nelson Semedo is pacey and an excellent dribbler, which is and has always been all the rage in FIFA Ultimate Team.

His defending and physicality aren’t top-tier, but they’re still quite good. Plus, for a relatively low price, you can’t go wrong.

N’Golo Kante

Price: 57k – 70k

If you’re after a rock-solid CDM, look no further than N’Golo Kante. His stats are well-rounded, which means he’s useful on attack and defense.

However, his true strength lies in his defending. It’s so good, it feels like you have an extra man in defense. He’ll quickly become the cornerstone of your team.

Hopefully, these players will aid you in FUT Champs this weekend and get you as many wins as possible. For more guides and all the latest FIFA news, stick with us here at Dexerto.