7 players that deserve Icon cards in FIFA 21


FIFA Ultimate Team is not only about the current generation of players, but there’s also a sprinkling of legendary figures that have their own Icon cards. With FIFA 21 approaching, we look at seven players who deserve an Icon card. 

For many retired football stars, they’re all about reminiscing about the trophies they won, records they broke, or vital goals they scored. Grabbing an Icon card in FIFA probably doesn’t break into their top five personal accomplishments, but they do mean a lot for FIFA fans.

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The Icon cards are, usually, pretty expensive but it’s quite something to be able to select a midfield of Kevin De Bruyne, Frank Lampard, and Patrick Vieira. Though, there are plenty of recognizable players that have never ascended to Icon status. So, we’ve picked out seven who we think should get one next time around. 

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Icons are some of the most sought after cards in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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Goalkeeper: Gordon Banks

For many in the 1950s and ’60s, Gordon Banks was one of, if not , best goalkeepers around. England’s all-time leading appearance maker was a part of the only Three Lions squad to ever win a World Cup, in 1966.

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His heroics at the domestic level for both Leicester and Stoke City made him a legendary figure with both clubs. Banks would easily fit in well with the current setup for Icons – having a base card, a mid Icon, and his prime moment. 

He may not be as recognizable a name for some younger fans, but he could realistically fit into the current crop of FIFA Icons like Lev Yashin. Perhaps, even replacing the Russian if he’s cycled out.

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Defenders: Phillip Lahm and Lucio

While Banks might be a classic pick, Lahm and Lucio are much more modern stars. The pair of these World Cup winners lined up beside each other plenty of times for Bayern Munich before the Brazilian departed for Inter Milan. 

Lahm’s introduction would help bolster the current crop of Icon right-backs, while Lucio would no doubt become a desirable center-half. Again, it’s easy to pick out their three different cards.

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Lucio could have an early 2000’s base, his 2006-07 self as the middle Icon, and one from his Inter Milan days as the prime version. Lahm, on the other hand, could easily have two right-back cards as well as a CDM to fill out his three variants.

Lahm would add versatility to FIFA 21.

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Midfielders: Edgar Davids and Tim Cahill

Our midfield choices are also two pretty modern players, in the form of Edgar Davids and Tim Cahill. Both of them have featured on FIFA covers in the past and after storied careers, are well deserving of Icon cards. 

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Who could ever forget Davids gliding across Serie A pitches with those trademark goggles or Cahill’s corner flag celebration whenever he scored for Everton or Australia. They’re also two players that FIFA fans have wanted to see in Ultimate Team for a number years, especially Cahill, giving Australia some much-needed representation – something he’s pushed for. 

Much like the others, their three cards are pretty easy to pick out. Cahill could have one from his Millwall days when they reached the FA Cup final, pretty much any of his Everton campaigns, and a World Cup 2006 version where he sprung Australia onto the world stage. 

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For Davids, he could have his 1994, 1998, and 2003 seasons commemorated in Icon card form.

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Forwards: Arjen Robben and Ferenc Puskas

Robben may not technically be a forward in the sense of being a striker, but we’re including him here for his wing wizardry. He would be a winger in-game, after all – and we all know how 4-3-3 sets up.

As for Puskas, the man whose name dons the goal of the year award for world football is another player who FIFA fans have demanded for many years. He just never seems to make the cut. 

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The legendary Hungarian forward would add another country for fans to work with, potentially creating some interesting forward lines. His three Icon cards could come from the pre-1956 World Cup run, one from said tournament, as well as one from his Real Madrid days. 

As for Robben, he’s a little more modern and fresh in the memory. The Dutchman could boast one from his Chelsea days, another with his 2010 World Cup run, and Bayern’s 2012/13 Champions League-winning season – where he scored that famous winning goal.

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Robben would become a nightmare for FIFA 21 defenses.

Now, of course, these players are solely who we think deserves an Icon card and EA SPORTS could have others up their sleeve. They could even have some of these seven in mind, who knows.

If you agree, disagree, or have a strong opinion about our picks, be sure to let us know on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.