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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6: Secret ending explained and how to unlock

Published: 8/Oct/2021 15:57 Updated: 8/Oct/2021 16:27

by Sam Smith


Far Cry 6 has a secret ending to discover as well as a game-changing post-credits scene. Here’s how to unlock Far Cry 6’s secret ending and what it all means.

There’s some confusion among fans as to when exactly Far Cry 6 is set, as Ubisoft has not given us a concrete date, simply saying the game is set in the ‘modern day’. The game channels locations, styles, and themes that seem rooted in the 1970s, but this is mostly just to set the atmosphere.

The Far Cry games (apart from the trippy Far Cry: Blood Dragon) are all set within the same interconnected universe. However, Far Cry 5’s ‘The Collapse’ changed things, creating an almost post-apocalyptic world going forward.


While Far Cry 5 could be set in its own timeline, Far Cry 6 is not, and does feature connections to earlier games – more on this later. The sixth entry could plausibly be set before Far Cry 5, or perhaps Yara somehow avoided The Collapse?

The game’s two endings and post-credits scene may offer some clues – naturally spoilers incoming.


Far Cry 6
There are two different endings you can unlock in Far Cry 6.

How many endings are there in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 has one true ending, a secret ending, and a rather jaw-dropping post-credits revelation. To get the true ending and post-credits scene, simply play through the game as normal. It’s that easy.

But as with earlier games in the series, Far Cry 6 can end early through its secret ending. This is likely to be uncanonical and only exists as a bit of fun. But secret endings have become a staple of the series since Far Cry 4.


How to unlock the Far Cry 6 secret ending

At the beginning of the game, your player Dani will be on a boat and will take part in a mission to destroy two enemy boats. After this, you can progress to the next mission as normal and explore the open world of Yara.

Or you could just not do that. Instead, you can choose to sail out to sea. If you do, then the game will end right there. Just like in Far Cry 4, your character will decide to not get involved in the civil war and just do their own thing.

You’ll be treated to a secret ending cut-scene where Dani is sitting on a beach enjoying a relaxed and peaceful life – far away from Yara. This ending results in the rebels losing the war, with Dani never stepping up to lead them to victory.


In regards to the rest of the game, there are no choices that impact the ending. Previous Far Cry titles have allowed players to influence events through alliances and choices, but Far Cry 6 works as one complete narrative instead.

The player sails away from Yara forever
Just keep sailing to trigger the secret ending.

Far Cry 6 ending and post-credits scene explained

This article is about to get very spoiler-heavy, so if you were only here to find out how to unlock the secret ending and don’t want to learn anything else, leave now. We’re about to drop a bombshell of a spoiler that will impact the wider Far Cry universe.

During Far Cry 6’s proper and canonical ending, Dani and the other rebel leaders discuss Yara’s future and the credits roll. But after the credits, a conversation plays out between one of them and a mysterious smuggler, and one who has a very familiar voice.


The voice belongs to Michael Mando, who portrayed crazy pirate villain Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3. Vaas was of course killed off during the events of that game, but the character’s popularity endures.

The inclusion of Vaas as the smuggler in Far Cry 6 will come as a shock to many players, as it suggests the character is still alive, teasing a bigger role in a future game or Far Cry 6 DLC. Although it all depends where Far Cry 6 sits within the series’ timeline.

Far Cry Villains vaas
Vaas is fan favorite Far Cry villain.

Far Cry 6 DLC may explain the ending further

If Far Cry 6 is set before Far Cry 3, then Vaas is likely still dead, and this is just an easter egg to please fans of the character. We’ll need to wait for the devs to tell us more, and to clarify if Vaas really is alive or not.


In our view, due to Far Cry 6 making no reference to Far Cry 5’s ‘The Collapse’, it seems likely that Far Cry 6 is a prequel and that Vaas really is gone. However, it seems a strange easter egg to include without any future plans, so perhaps we’re wrong? Also, if Far Cry 5 is set in a separate timeline, then The Collapse never happened in this one.

The Far Cry 6 DLC will involve three-story chapters each focusing on a different villain from Far Cry’s past. Vaas is one of the characters these packs will explore, so we may get answers to our questions very soon.