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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 best weapons: Ultimate loadout & how to unlock them

Published: 6/Oct/2021 16:45

by Daniel Megarry


Yara is filled with a seemingly endless supply of guns and accessories to take down enemies in Far Cry 6, but these are the best weapons that will take your loadout to the next level.

You won’t get very far in Yara without good weapons, and Far Cry 6 is absolutely full to the brim with them. In fact, there are almost 100 weapons in total, and they all come with their own mods to make them even more powerful.

These weapons fall into one of two categories: Purchasable and Unique. The first lot can be purchased from Guerilla Garrison, a buildable Camp facility, while the latter need to be found around Yara or unlocked as part of missions.


You’ll have access to four weapon slots from the very start of your journey, and figuring out which ones to choose as you progress can be daunting. Below, you’ll find the best loadout we used to get through Far Cry 6’s sprawling open world.


Best weapons loadout in Far Cry 6

A good loadout in Far Cry 6 requires weapons that cover all scenarios, and that’s why our favorite lineup consists of the SSGP-58 Rifle, the SKS Rifle, the RAT4 Rocket Launcher, the Desert Eagle Pistol, and the Medico Supremo.

Each of these weapons serves a purpose, from eliminating basic enemies to blowing up powerful vehicles like tanks and helicopters that pose a huge threat in combat. We’ll explain each of our choices below.


Best Primary Weapon 1: SSGP-58 Rifle

SSGP-58 in Far Cry 6

How to unlock: Find in military zones or purchase from Guerilla Garrison.

Your first Primary Weapon should be an all-rounder that’s capable of firing fast shots to take down basic enemies and pierce holes in poison tanks. The SSGP-58 with Soft-Target Rounds is the best shout.

This fully-automatic rifle (or any similar gun, if you can’t get this one yet) will be your go-to weapon for most of your Far Cry 6 journey. Think of it as your old faithful, while the rest of your loadout is more specialized.

Best Primary Weapon 2: SKS Rifle

SKS in Far Cry 6

How to unlock: Find in military zones or purchase from Guerilla Garrison.


For your second Primary Weapon in Far Cry 6, you’ll want a Rifle that specializes in taking out enemies with heavy armor. For this goal, there’s no better choice than the SKS with Armor Piercing Rounds equipped.

With this gun, you’ll be able to easily one-shot enemies with helmets. Using it with a Suppressor will make it even more deadly as you’ll be able to stealthily take out a whole camp of enemies without them knowing.

Best Primary Weapon 3: RAT4 Rocket Launcher

RAT4 in Far Cry 6

How to unlock: Find in military zones or purchase from Guerilla Garrison.

You’re going to come up against plenty of powerful vehicles like tanks and helicopters in Far Cry 6 that will laugh off regular guns. That’s where the RAT4 Rocket Launcher with Lock-On Missiles comes into play.


It’s got one of the highest damage outputs in the game, so one shot from this should be enough to take down even the strongest opponents. Combine it with the Exterminator Supremo, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Best Sidearm: Desert Eagle Pistol

Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6

How to unlock: Find in military zones or purchase from Guerilla Garrison.

Finally, we have the Desert Eagle Pistol with Blast Rounds in the Sidearm slot. Chances are, you won’t be using your Sidearm much, but this is a great backup to have for dealing extra explosive damage.

These might not be the flashiest or most exciting weapons in Far Cry 6, but they’ll get the job done – and they’ll do it very, very well.


Best Supremo: Medico

The Medico Supremo

How to unlock: Bought from Juan after reaching Level 4.

As well as your four main weapons, you’ll also be able to equip a Supremo in Far Cry 6. These are huge backpack weapons that do everything from poisoning your enemies to boosting your speed and health.

We recommend the Medico Supremo, which lets you self-revive in solo play and provides some immunity. It’s also great for co-op, as it will allow you to rapidly heal yourself and your allies over time.

How to unlock new weapons in Far Cry 6

Dani with a gun in Far Cry 6
Weapons can be bought or found hidden around Yara.

There are multiple ways to get new weapons in Far Cry 6, ranging from finding them hidden across Yara to purchasing them from vendors at Camps. As expected, the better the weapon, the harder it is to get.

Here are the main ways to unlock new weapons in Far Cry 6:

  • Find them hidden in FND Caches (chests) around Yara.
  • Get them as a reward for completing missions and sidequests.
  • Purchase them from Guerilla Garrison at your Camp.
  • Purchase them from the Black Market at your Camp.

You’ll need to fully upgrade Guerilla Garrison at your Camp to be able to purchase all of the weapons on offer, while many of the Unique Weapons can only be found by completing quests and side missions.

That’s it for our Far Cry 6 weapon recommendations! With so many potential loadouts, it’s always best to experiment, but our suggestions will definitely give you the edge across Yara.

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Additional reporting by Brad Norton.