Far Cry 6 DLC roadmap adds Rambo, Stranger Things, and Danny Trejo

far cry 6 weaponsUbisoft

Far Cry 6 is still just under a month away, but Ubisoft has already revealed its post-release content roadmap. Here’s everything that’s coming.

Even though Far Cry 6 won’t be with us until October 7, 2021, Ubisoft has already confirmed its post-launch content roadmap. There’s also a lot to like, especially for long-time fans of the series.

Of course, Far Cry 6 will feature a Season Pass that will bring three additional chapters, with each focusing on a different villain from previous Far Cry games. The villains in Far Cry are often considered some of the best in gaming, so this will be a fun experience for franchise veterans.

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Far Cry 6Ubisoft
Far Cry 6 main villain

The villains are Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3), Pagan Min (Far Cry 4), and Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5). Each chapter will allow players to delve into the psyche of each villain as they “struggle to escape the horrors of their own minds”. Not only will each episode allow players to understand the villains better, but it will also offer some intense rogue-like gameplay to enhance the core experience.

  • Episode 1: “Vaas: Insanity” planned for release in November 2021.
  • Episode 2: “Pagan: Control” planned for release in January 2022.
  • Episode 3: “Joseph: Collapse” planned for release in February 2022.

Far Cry 6 DLC roadmap

Far Cry 6 roadmap infographicUbisoft
Far Cry 6’s roadmap is impressively varied.

The roadmap also contains Weekly Insurgencies which will be available once the main campaign is finished. These will involve players putting down new uprisings that spring up from the villain’s remaining henchman. The Weekly Insurgencies can be played solo or over multiplayer.

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Additionally, there will be Six Special Operation missions that will take place in a new area and feature brand new gameplay mechanics not seen in the main campaign. The first two missions will be available at launch, with the final four releasing later. The first two confirmed locations are Mesozoico and Maceo.

Next up is three crossover missions featuring guest characters/figures. Each mission will star a different guest, those being Rambo, Danny Trejo, and Stranger Things. The Far Cry 6 Season Pass will not be required to access the Special Operations and Guest Missions.

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Episode 1 – Vaas: Insanity

Far Cry Villains vaasUbisoft
Vaas is a fan-favorite Far Cry villain.

The first chapter of Far Cry 6’s former villain-themed DLC will be Vaas: Insanity. Players will control the thought-dead Far Cry 3 antagonist, Vaas, in a rogue-like style chapter that delves into the crazy pirate’s mind. Vaas was apparently killed in Far Cry 3, but the ending of Far Cry 6 implies Vaas may still be active.

The Far Cry 6 ‘Insanity’ chapter will release on November 16, 2021, as the first of three similar chapters. It will be fun to see if Vaas did survive the events of Far Cry 3 as, since that game, the character has become a real fan favorite. The character has also helped voice-actor Michael Mando become a big star, with the actor going on to portray Nacho in Better Call Saul and Mac Gargan in Spider-Man Homecoming, a character destined to become the villain known as Scorpion.

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Episode 2 – Pagan: Control

Far Cry Villains pagan minPagen Min is the vicious king of Kyrat.

Far Cry 4’s charismatic and sympathetic villain Pagan Min will be the star of the second Far Cry 6 DLC, called ‘Control’. This will release on January 11, 2022 on all platforms. Like the ‘Insanity’ chapter that featured Far Cry 3 villain Vaas, Pagan Min’s chapter will dive into “the depths of the villain’s troubled psyche” – which should be a very interesting place to visit.

While Vaas’s fate was (seemingly) sealed in Far Cry 3, Pagan Min can survive the game in some endings, meaning the character could still be alive and well in the Far Cry universe by the time of Far Cry 6.

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However, “well” is a relative term, as players familiar with the twist at the end of Far Cry 4 will know there’s much more to Pagan than a ruthless dictator. The DLC is likely to explore his part, and potentially, what Pagan did after he lost his kingdom, if he survived that is.

Regarding the ‘Control’ chapter, Ubisoft has said, “Blending intense action and storytelling, Pagan: Control will provide a unique opportunity for players to explore Pagan’s mind, learn more about his past, and face off against familiar faces as he struggles to break free from his cycle of guilt and regrets.”

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Episode 3 – Joseph: Collapse

Far Cry Villains seedPastor Seed invites the player into his cult in Far Cry 5.

The final villain-themed Far Cry 6 DLC will arrive on February 8 2022 and features Joseph from Far Cry 5. The Joseph: Collapse episode will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.

Like the first two DLC episodes, the chapter sees the return of a major villain, this time being Far Cry 5’s cult leader Joseph Seed. Unlike Pagan Min, who can survive the events of Far Cry 4, or Vass from FC3 whose fate has always been debated, Seed did indeed die at the end of Far Cry 5.

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Therefore this latest roguelike expansion will be set in Joseph’s mind and see him face off against twisted versions of his own cultists, his faith, and the demons that haunt him. Joseph: Collapse will be the last Far Cry villain-themed DLC chapter, but there is more Far Cry 6 DLC still to come.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon returns

Far cry 6 blood dragonFar Cry 6 Season Pass holders will also be able to download the legendary Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Originally released in 2013, Blood Dragon is an 80s themed shooter that was a stand-alone DLC for Far Cry 3. Over the years the game has become a cult classic, and many players will relish the opportunity to play it in 4K – or play it for the first time.

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PC players will be able to download the original Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon while console and Stadia players will receive the Classic Edition. The updated version also adds the Blood Dragon Set. This includes seven items usable in the Far Cry 6 main campaign, these are:

  • One outfit: Blood Dragon Gear Set
  • Two weapons: AJM9 and Kobracon
  • One vehicle: Omega Enforcer
  • One weapon charm: KillStar
  • One Fang for Hire: K-9000
  • One vehicle Chibi: Blood Dragon Chibi

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