5 things we know about Far Cry 6 so far

Alex Garton
Far Cry 6 things we knowUbisoft

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has certainly got fans of the franchise extremely excited to jump into the game’s world. Here are five important things we know so far.

Since the announcement of Far Cry 6 back at Ubisoft Forward in 2020, fans of the series have been desperate to their hands on the title and explore the game’s tropical world.

However, a delay back in October scrapped the game’s initial release date of February 18 and has left fans waiting for a confirmed launch date.

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In the meantime, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on five significant things we know about the title so far and check out what fans can look forward to when Far Cry 6 finally arrives.

1. Yara, a return to a tropical setting

Yara Far Cry 6Ubisoft
Yara’s landscape is based on the nation of Cuba.

For Far Cry 6, Ubisoft has listened to the fans and brought the franchise back to a tropical setting in the form of Yara. This Cuban-inspired nation is located in the heart of the Caribbean and features Far Cry’s first-ever fully-urban location, Esperanza.

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Despite Yara’s idyllic tropical landscape, “decades of economic sanctions have devastated the nation, leaving it impoverished and divided.” Yara is a land filled with citizens wanting to take a stand and form a revolution, that’s where we as the players fit into the story.

2. Step into the shoes of Dani Rojas

Dani Rojas Ubisoft
Dani Rojas will be a fully voice-acted character.

In Far Cry 6, players will follow the story of Dani Rojas, a citizen of Yara who grew up in the conflict-ridden nation. Dani can be played as either a man or a woman, which we assume will be chosen by players at the start of the game.

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Ubisoft has made it very clear they wanted this revolution story to feel authentic and powerful, so Dani had to be someone who grew up in Yara. “We knew that if we’re going to tell the revolution story if we’re going to tell a story about someone in a guerilla movement, you need to have that personal connection with them.”

This connection will no doubt be key in getting players invested in the game’s narrative, which from what we’ve seen so far, looks to be great.

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3. A ruthless dictator at the helm

Giancarlo Esposito villainAnton Castillo is played by Giancarlo Esposito.

If there’s one thing Ubisoft does well, it’s adding to the franchise’s array of incredible villains. The main antagonist of Far Cry 6 is the dictator Anton Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito. Some of Esposito’s biggest roles included Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian, Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, and the list could go on.

By the looks of it, Castillo looks to be an intriguing villain who is willing to do anything to return to the past and restore Yara to its former glory once seen under his father. Unfortunately, that glory doesn’t include anyone that isn’t willing to obey and follow his way of thinking.

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It also appears Castillo’s relationship with his son Diego will play an important role in the plot and be the primary focus of the narrative at points. It will be interesting to see how the game switches between perspectives and tells both sides of that dynamic.

4. More verticality in the map design

Far Cry 6 cityUbisoft
The capital city of Yara is Esperanza.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Far Cry 6 is the new direction the developers are taking with the game’s environment.

As Esperanza will be the first main urban location available to explore in the franchise, it’s given the devs the chance to design the map a little differently. This includes elements such as verticality that haven’t been seen in previous titles. So, prepare to be able to explore a variety of interesting buildings and rooftops. Just be careful not to slip.

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5. There’s a dog called Chorizo

Far Cry dogUbisoft
Chorizo, the sausage dog.

Of course, we had to save the most important aspect of the game until last. That being Chorizo, the sausage dog.

With the Amigos for Hire system returning from Far Cry 5, players will be able to hire AI friends to fight alongside them. One of these recruits is called Chorizo, a dog with a custom-built wheelchair. Graphics are all well and good, but if you can’t interact with a dog, what’s the point?

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Hopefully, these five features will give you a flavor of what’s coming with Far Cry 6 from everything we know about so far. Of course, it’s likely a lot more information will come out on the game in the near future so keep an eye on our dedicated Far Cry 6 hub for all the latest news and leaks.

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