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Far Cry 6

When is Far Cry 6 coming out? Locations, rumors & more

Published: 9/Jun/2020 13:43 Updated: 2/Nov/2020 12:27

by James Busby


With little information on the eagerly-anticipated release of Far Cry 6, recent rumor has shed some much-needed light on the upcoming title. 

Ubisoft’s recent Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla announcement excited fans with its gritty gameplay trailer, but news surrounding the Far Cry series has been rather non-existent. The last instalment came out in 2018, and saw players take on the role of an unnamed junior Deputy who must investigate religious cult in the fictional Hope County. 

Far Cry 5 proved to be a major success. However, its North American setting failed to capture the mystery and wonder of the series’ previous island adventures. A recent report from GameReactor.dk states that Far Cry 6 will be ditching the United States altogether. 

Far Cry 6 release date

UbisoftFar Cry 6 is rumoured to ditch the North American setting.

We saw a reveal for the game at Ubisoft Forward. This event was Ubisoft’s first digital conference and showcased exclusive game news and exciting reveals. The announcement stream took place July 12 on 12PM PDT/9PM CEST. 

While the exact launch date for Far Cry 6 has yet to be revealed, the report claims we can expect to dive into the game’s “exotic location”. This means  the title will be playable on next-gen consoles and PCs.

Far Cry 6 further delays

On October 29th, the Far Cry 6 team spoke out about their decision to delay the release. This was revealed during Ubisoft’s Quarterly earnings call, in which both Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine have been delayed due to COVID-19. This was due to the further issues faced with working from home in game development. The games are now expected to release sometime after April 1, 2021 in the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year.

The return of Vaas?

UbisoftHints of Vaas’ return could be massive for Far Cry 6.

Following his recent Reddit AMA, Michael Mando, the voice actor behind Far Cry 3’s terrifying antagonist Vaas Montenegro outlined his thoughts on the character as well as hinting at the possibility of the villain’s return. 

Mando said: “Vaas is my spirit animal – having co-created that character is something that will always be dear to me. I still get recognized as Vaas, and I still feel the outpouring of love for that character – makes me very happy. Who knows… maybe I will reprise the role very soon?”

Like all rumours and potential teases, you should always take them with a pinch of salt. Make sure to check back for all the new info on Far Cry 6 as we get closer to release.


Ubisoft announce second Forward event, confirm price for next-gen games

Published: 22/Jul/2020 21:49 Updated: 23/Jul/2020 10:02

by Tanner Pierce


Ubisoft confirmed a few interesting details during its July 22 earnings call, including when their next Forward digital event will take place and how much their PS5 and Xbox Series X games will cost.

The lack of E3 this year has really left some developers and publishers to their own devices when it comes to announcements. Without a dedicated event in June for press and consumers to attend, many companies have decided to hold their own individual live streams and reveal events.

One company that recently held its own livestream was Ubisoft. During the event, which was called ‘Ubisoft Forward,’ fans got a new look at Hyper Scape, Watch Dogs 2, and even Far Cry 6.

While most people responded positively to what was actually shown, many were also left disappointed by the lack of announcements at the event itself. It’s possible, however, that fans won’t have to wait too long to hear about more interesting announcements.

UbisoftUpcoming games like Far Cry 6 were showcased in the first Ubisoft Forward presentation.

Next Ubisoft Forward livestream

On July 22, Ubisoft confirmed that they will be hosting a second Forward event, which will be taking place in September 2020. Unfortunately, no other details about the event itself were given, including the specific date or what games will be shown.

Another interesting point confirmed is that Ubisoft’s games for next-generation consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X, will be priced at $60.

This is in contrast to 2K Games’ decision to up the cost of NBA 2K21 to $70 for the next-gen versions, which made a lot of players nervous that they were about to see a price increase across the entire gaming industry.

It is noteworthy to point out that Ubisoft did not confirm whether or not the prices will increase for games released after the Fall 2020 window, meaning it’s totally possible that players will eventually see the prices go up heading into 2021 and beyond.

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