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How to get a full refund when returning Fallout 76

Published: 1/Dec/2018 20:24 Updated: 1/Dec/2018 20:33

by Bill Cooney


Fallout 76 was a disappointment to some fans, and after Bethesda’s response to a fan’s complaint about a special edition of the game, it seemed like those looking for their money back were out of luck; now it seems there is a process for fans to try and get money back.

Almost as soon as Fallout 76 was released, YouTube videos and reviews from unsatisfied customers started appearing, and Bethesda has already flip-flopped on returns, which are now closed for the game.

Then, last week, a Reddit user who purchased the game’s Power Armor edition shared a response they got from Bethesda when they asked why the bag in the special edition was made of cheaper material than the one in the promotional image.


Bethesda’s initial response was that the bags in the promo were too expensive to make, and they wouldn’t be replacing any; they did offer 500 Atoms (Fallout 76’s in-game currency) to players who were unsatisfied with the bag, but the damage had already been done.

In a YouTube video copyright lawyer Leonard French explains how fans can attempt to go outside the regular return system to get their money back for Fallout 76.

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The process involves filing for arbitration over the game by sending a letter to ZeniMax’s legal department, which comes with the risk that they could just decide to actually start the arbitration procedure, which would cost players a lot more money as well.


French made it clear that this process comes with some basic legal risks; but, after sending a few letters, and waiting a few weeks, Bethesda will have to decide whether to enter Arbitration with the complainant, which could cost thousands of dollars, or just refunding the cost of the game.

The YouTube video by French goes into all the fine details of the process players have to follow to attempt to get their money back, and based on the amount of unfavorable reviews the game has gotten, that could be quite a few people.