Fall Guys announce WWE crossover including The Undertaker skin

Fall Guys WWE skinsMediatonic

Fall Guys has announced its latest crossover, this time bringing WWE superstars to the quirky battle royale ahead of the WWE Summerslam 2022 PPV, including “The Phenom” The Undertaker.

Ever since Epic Games and Mediatonic took the decision to make Fall Guys free-to-play, the quirky battle royale has seen a resurgence in popularity. After originally being labeled a “dead game,” going F2P has seen beans come flooding back and the game now has a solid player count across most platforms.

One of Fall Guys’ biggest appeals, other than tackling Total Wipeout-style courses as a clumsy jellybean, is its crossovers. We’ve seen the likes of Halo and Nightmare Before Christmas events in the past, bringing a host of unlockable skins and unique challenges.

Now, Fall Guys is crossing over with WWE, introducing some of the brand’s biggest and best superstars to the party.

WWE superstars coming to Fall Guys

In preparation for the WWE Summerslam PPV happening at the end of July, Fall Guys players will be able to pick up costumes of three iconic wrestlers, including the Deadman himself – The Undertaker.

There will also be a new Celebration and Emote up for grabs. Check out everything included in the Fall Guys x WWE crossover below:

  • Asuka Costume
  • Xavier Woods Costume
  • Undertaker Costume
  • The Bell Tolls Celebration
  • Francesca’s Refrain Emote

These items will be available from the Fall Guys Store, hitting virtual shelves from July 28 until August 1, so be sure to act fast if you don’t want to miss out. They can be purchased individually or as a complete bundle.

Unfortunately, we won’t know the pricing of each WWE Costume or bundle until they appear in the store. That being said, since these will be premium skins, we’d expect them to set you back a fair few Show Bucks.

It remains to be seen if Mediatonic will double down on the crossover with some WWE-themed in-game challengers or extra unlocks, but wrestling fans will no doubt be over the moon to see their favorite superstars in Fall Guys.

The Undertaker won 21 times in a row at Wrestlemania but tackling Slime Clime with dozens of other fumbling beans might just be the Deadman’s toughest test yet.