Pop to the Top Challenge answers best Pop-Tarts flavor and Fall Guys streamer

Pop to the TopPop to the Top

Six streamers took part in the ultimate Fall Guys competition as the The Pop-Tarts Pop to the Top Challenge proved which flavor reigned supreme.

The Pop-Tarts Pop to the Top Challenge gave six streamers – SweeetTails, JamesJustPlays, Ploo, Lough, Sommerset, and LuckyChamu – the chance to battle for the ultimate Fall Guys bragging rights, all while snacking on some tasty Pop-Tarts.

Each representing a different Pop-Tarts flavor, the players faced off in two separate stages to see who could get the most crowns.

The competition was filled with hilarious hijinks, epic failures, incredible triumphs, agonizing near-victories, and tons of chewing. In the end, only one flavor of Pop-Tarts could remain as champion.

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Pop-Tarts Pop to the Top Challenge ends with Frosted S’Mores as the winning flavor

In the first stage, it was a neck and neck competition between SweeetTails, LuckyChamu, and JamesJustPlays. Lucky Chamu managed to take first place, but the first stage ended in a tie between SweeetTails and James, which led to a one-round runoff to decide who would be the second captain.

Even the runoff was a nail-biter, with both players being eliminated in the same stage, but the final ruling crowned SweeetTails as the victor.

With LuckyChamu on one side and SweeetTails on the other, the six competitors decided to do a boys team versus a girls team to decide the ultimate Pop to the Top Challenge victors.

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In the end, it was Team Frosted S’Mores with Lucky, Lough, and James taking on Team Raspberry with SweeetTails, Ploo, and Sommerset. Playing as a trio, the teams had 35 minutes to rack up as many crowns as they could as a squad.

The two were neck-and-neck at the end, with the teams tied as the boys were playing their final lobby. If they managed to secure the crown, they would be the winners, but if not the two team captains would face off in a sudden-death competition. But it didn’t come down to that, as the boys managed to win the crown and take home a win for Team Frosted S’Mores.

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Did your favorite streamer or flavor emerge victorious? You can find more information about the event on its website.