Fall Guys laughs off “dead game” claims as 50 million players drop in

Josh Tyler

Fall Guys has been thriving since going free-to-play, showing that this “dead game” has been resurrected.

Although it was a massive hit when it was first released, obstacle course/battle royale Fall Guys took a hit to its player count in the months after the cultural impact began to fade. As a result, Fall Guys began to earn the dreaded “dead game” moniker.

Recently, in an attempt to re-inject life into their game, developer Mediatronic announced that Fall Guys would not only be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it would also become free-to-play.

The free-to-play switch went live just two weeks ago. But it seems that the move is already paying dividends.

Fall Guys thrives after free-to-play change

In a tweet sent out on July 6, the official Fall Guys Twitter account proclaimed that in the two weeks since becoming free to play and coming to the Nintendo Switch, the game has had over 50 million players.

The post thanks all the new players for joining the game with a picture of the earth that appears to be made up of the millions of beans that have joined the battle royale.

Nintendo, the newest partner for Fall Guys, also offered their congratulations on the landmark. No doubt, the addition of Fall Guys to this popular console helped boost the player count along with the new free-to-play model.

The fact that Fall Guys got such a massive surge in players two years after the game was initially released shows the power of the free-to-play model. Even though Mediatronics is no longer gaining revenue from new players, the Season Pass and purchasable cosmetics may make up that difference.

One thing is for sure, though. With 50 million players, even though they’re not paying customers, Fall Guys can no longer be called a “dead game”.