Smash pro Zain starts beatboxing instead of giving victory speech after winning tournament

Theo Burman
zain beatboxing smash melee

One of the world’s top Smash players, Zain Naghmi, surprised crowds at a Smash Bros Melee tournament when he decided to replace the expected victory speech with a short beatboxing performance.

Zain, widely considered to be the best Marth player in the world, took to the stage after winning the Fête 3: By the Sea: Melee tournament held in the UK, which saw him net over 3000 dollars in prize winnings.

But the crowds weren’t expecting the Moist Moguls player to break into a beatboxing routine that left the host speechless and the viewers screaming in applause.

Top Smash Bros player beatboxes to celebrate victory at Melee tournament

After the host declared him the winner and handed him the mic, Zain said: “I don’t have much to say about the set, but here goes nothing.”

He then immediately started beatboxing, and once the audience realized what was happening, they started cheering him on.

Zain joined the competitive Melee scene in 2014, and has become one of the quickest-rising players in the game’s history. He was ranked the number one Melee player in the world in 2022, so his victory in this tournament was no surprise.

The Fête 3: By the Sea: Melee tournament is one of the foremost Smash Bros tournaments, and the largest of it’s kind in the United Kingdom. The tournament also saw Jmook place third, and popular Smash content creator Hungrybox place third.

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