Tarkov streamer rages after enemy survives 7 point-blank shotgun shots

Daniel Cleary
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Twitch streamer ‘Ellohime’ was left shocked after failing to kill an enemy in Escape from Tarkov with multiple point-blank shotgun shots.

Escape from Tarkov has exploded in popularity towards the end of 2019, with many streamers now broadcasting the popular title and accruing massive viewer counts.

Many players have claimed that tactical first-person shooter, developed by Battlestate Games, has quite a steep learning curve which can lead to many frustrating moments for newer players.

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Escape from Tarkov’s viewership has blown up at the start of 2020.

Among those who were frustrated by the game was Twitch streamer Ellohime, who was left confused after his shotgun seemed to deal no damage towards an enemy player.

After finding a nearby unarmed opponent, the Tarkov streamer fired seven shots at point-blank range but still could not secure the kill, causing his Twitch chat to fill with laughter.

“Are you f**king kidding me right now? What is going on?” He asked, clearly shocked after his opponent survived, “What is this life, what am I shooting him with? Is this game just a f**king lie?”

After taking a short break to process what had happened, the streamer returned to where he saw the player and began scouting around for them once again.

Unfortunately for Ellohime, the worst was yet to come, as the opposing player was stood waiting for him when he came back, instantly killing the Twitch streamer with a shotgun this time around.

The Tarkov streamer could not help but rage after the ridiculous situation, claiming that he was done with the game after the unbelievable fail, “This game…that is f*cking dumb, I am done.”

It was later revealed that the opponent’s body armor had absorbed all of the 1200 damage dealt from their first engagement, although even with armor it was a tall task to survive as many shots as they did.

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