Summit1g literally runs away from stream after worst Tarkov grenade ever

Twitch: Summit1g / Battlestate Games

Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar suffered another unfortunate mishap involving a grenade he had thrown while playing Escape From Tarkov on Sunday, January 12, leaving the streamer so shocked that he sprinted away from his computer.

Summit1g is one of the most popular streamers in the world, with over four million followers on Twitch and thousands tuning into his broadcasts daily. Still, he is perhaps best known for his legendary error at the DreamHack Austin CS:GO event in 2016, when he died to his own Molotov and cost his team the game.

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Since then, the ‘1g curse’ has followed the 32-year-old from game to game, and Summit once again found himself on the wrong side of his own grenade while playing punishing first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov.

DreamhackSummit1g’s Molotov fail is one of gaming’s most iconic moments.

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Tarkov is a notoriously difficult game, and punishes any small mistake a player makes as they attempt to loot an area, and then escape back to their extraction point without being eliminated from the game. With teammate Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek already out of the match, Summit1g found the body of another steamer in Buhbye, kneeling down to loot his body before spotting an enemy just above him.

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After watching him through his scopes and firing off a shot, the streamer fell off a ledge to the ground below. With his opponent enjoying the height advantage, the streamer ran forward and threw a grenade high into the air, expecting it to drop onto the platform his enemy was on and wipe them out.

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In classic Summit1g fashion though, his own grenade would be the cause of his downfall, as it completely missed its target destination, instead landing behind him and blowing him to pieces, causing him to lose all his loot and get sent back to the main menu. Stunned, the streamer jumped out of his chair, seemingly confused as to how he should react, before running away from his setup entirely.

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Summit1g was of the earliest adopters of Escape From Tarkov, jumping on the game throughout 2019 and singing its praises. Since then, the tactical FPS has become a fan-favorite on Twitch, and many streamers have been grinding the game in early 2020, hooked by the steep learning curve, but rewarding gameplay.
For the streamer though, his time spent on the game certainly hasn’t helped his throwing skills, and even four years on from the Molotov incident, it seems like he still doesn’t quite understand how grenades work in games just yet.


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