Summit1g’s infamous Molotov fail voted worst CSGO play of the decade


A fan poll has decided Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s worst play of the decade, with Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar’s classic self-inflicted Molotov fail taking the crown. 

A new year has begun and CS:GO fans are looking back at the previous decade with glee as their game rose to the upper echelons of esports.

Valve themselves even sent players on a trip down memory lane, opening up a poll on their twitter to decide on the best CS:GO play of the decade. While some were appreciating the best plays, others were enjoying some of the biggest fails, and have decided on the worst play of the decade.

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A fan poll ran by ‘Don Constantin’ became incredibly popular in the community as he handpicked some of the biggest fails to face off against each other for the title of ‘worst CSGO play of the decade.’

This included iconic moments like G2 forgetting to defuse against Astralis and losing the map at the StarLadder Berlin Major, Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev’s failed knife against Liquid, Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s USP whiff vs Envy in 2015, and Summit1g’s “1G” Molotov fail.

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However, there could only be one winner, and while it was a close race between G2 and Jaryd, the latter was victorious.

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For those who may not remember the event, Summit’s Splyce were about to eliminate Counter Logic Gaming at DreamHack Austin in 2016. The American had already finished off his opponents and only needed to defuse the bomb to claim the 16th round.

However, he made a massive blunder, running through his own Molotov, taking 40 damage and eliminating himself.

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He still had plenty of time and there were no enemies around, meaning he could have played it carefully and easily won. In the end, his team was eliminated in over-time and the moment has haunted him since – even now, almost four years later, he’s still reminded of just how much of a fail it was.

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The “1G” curse has also followed him to other games too, with Jaryd’s variety streams occasionally leading him to being engulfed in flames.

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During a play-through of The Last of Us he somehow set himself ablaze after beating down an enemy, and once again eliminated himself with a failed Molotov in the latest Call of Duty. Perhaps it is destined to follow him forever.

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