xQc can’t stop laughing as he roasts Ninja’s extravagant streaming setup

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Twitch: xQcOw / YouTube: Ninja

Twitch megastar Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reacted to an old clip about Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Mixer streaming setup, and couldn’t stop laughing as he claimed it was the “epitome” of his viral six consoles rant from 2019.

xQc went viral in April 2019 when he blasted streamers for having extravagant setups that would give even NASA a run for its own money. “Six consoles, ten computers, bunch of f**king wires, dog cam, cat cam…” he exploded.

The Overwatch pro revisited his epic six consoles rant during his January 12 broadcast when he watched an older video of Ninja introducing his new Mixer setup, and couldn’t stop laughing.

Twitter: @xQcThe Canadian streamer is one of the most watched channels on Twitch.

xQc roasts Ninja’s setup

The streamer was reacting to various clips for his audience during a broadcast when he clicked on Ninja’s 2018 reveal of his new studio, which was incredibly elaborate.

In the video, the Fortnite player shows off various camera angles, before he switches to a screen where he’s on the floor and exclaims “for the doggy bowls,” which hilariously recalled the Canadian’s 2019 rant about “dog cam, cat cam.”

xQc then turned towards his chat and said, “Dude, this is the epitome of six consoles, dude!” as the video panned towards the Mixer star using six HD TVs mounted to his wall just to display his logo.

The Twitch personality seemed overwhelmed by the complexity of Ninja’s broadcasting room, before he burst into laughter when the streamer showed off his “analyst area” – something the Canadian had also hilariously ranted about last year as well.

The Overwatch pro then broke into more laughter as it became apparent that Tyler’s office lined up 100% to his epic speech he gave last year, sending his chat into a frenzy as the comparison was obvious.

When someone in his chat said, “Imagine needing validation so badly that you buy five f**king flat screens to show off your emblem,” xQc responded with, “Somebody could have doodled his logo, it doesn’t matter anymore. He has his logo on shoes now. And people unironically buy them. Isn’t that kind of crazy?”

At the end of 2019, xQc opened up further on his viral rant, and clarified his philosophy on streaming setups, stating that he wants it to feel natural. “I don’t want my room to feel like a studio,” he explained.

Regardless of the debate on streaming setups, the Canadian must be doing something right as he gained over one million followers last year, and consistently pulls in 30,000 viewers a broadcast, making him one of the most watched channels on the platform.

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