Summit1g & LIRIK in disbelief after luckiest Tarkov extraction ever

Scott Robertson

With seconds winding down, the duo of Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar and Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid ended their Escape From Tarkov run in hectic, nail-biting fashion, as they turned a potential late disaster into a last-second unreal extraction.

Escape From Tarkov is a game that requires an unbelievable amount of patience. Staying calm and cool while surrounded by gunfire and footsteps is a necessity if players want to even get a crack at the extraction zone.

But when push comes to shove and there are 30 seconds left to complete an extraction, all bets are off and all hell breaks loose.

Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov has been dominating Twitch viewership.

For both streamers, summit1g and LIRIK, they’ve gone all-in with the latest Twitch craze, but unfortunately, their fails have found much more attention than their victories.

During a January 25 stream, they found themselves right on the cusp between a success and a failure.

With just a minute left on the timer, the duo headed toward the extraction point, and summit spotted “two, maybe three exit campers.” Initially, the streamer had plans to “punish” the campers for getting spotted, but that plan quickly turned into chaos.

The stream team got off to a good start when LIRIK dropped one of the lurking enemies, but after summit took some damage, he briefly panicked and turned to fire a couple of accidental shots at his teammate. He took more damage from the bad guys and was forced to start popping Ibuprofen to stay alive.

With no time left, the team sprinted into the extraction zone, despite how much blood summit’s character was losing, and patiently held an angle, with summit promising he’d “lose his mind” if he died to the camper in the last second. Thankfully, the timer hit zero and the duo survived and escaped.

The two streamers were relieved to make it out alive, with LIRIK admitting that the stress of the situation put him at “swamp ass level 10.”

He also admitted he was confused as to why the two were able to extract after the timer hit zero, to which summit replied, “I guess they [Battlestate Games] have hearts over there.”

LIRIK then revealed to summit that he did actually shoot him when he was mistaken for an enemy. But a win’s a win, and it was a solid way to end the stream for LIRIK.

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