Shroud explains how each Escape from Tarkov map can be improved

shroud - Mixer / Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov guru Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek believes that “a lot of the maps need to be reworked,” detailing what’s wrong with each one and how they can be improved.

Playing Escape from Tarkov as much as he has over the past few months has turned shroud into an expert of the game’s ins and outs.

However, as fond as he’s been of the hardcore first-person simulator, the Mixer star isn’t afraid to acknowledge that the game has its flaws, especially where some of the maps are concerned.

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Battlestate GamesThere are eight maps currently available in EFT with plenty more on the way.

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During one of his recent streams, he talked about the issues he has with some of the maps and how they can be fixed, particularly when it comes to the older ones.

“A lot of their maps need touch-ups,” he said. “They keep making these really good brand-new maps, but they need to go back and fix their old maps.”

In contrast, he is very keen on the newer additions, such as the “fantastic” Reserve and “great” The Lab, which he believes the developers did a good job with in terms of “actual loot and items you can find.”

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Battlestate GamesShroud thinks all of the older EFT maps need to be improved, especially Shoreline, which he jokingly called “Snoreline.”

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Shroud on how to improve older EFT maps

Here are some of the EFT maps that shroud thinks aren’t up to par, including what issues he says they have and how they can be improved.

  • Customs: “The loot that you find is trash.”
  • Shoreline: “The most boring map in this game. A lot of people in the community call it ‘Snoreline.’ It’s not very fun and needs rework. The loot’s good, but only in one spot.”
  • Interchange: “Isn’t bad, but it could use a little bit of a tweak here and there, mainly with the lighting. That’s the problem with that map, it’s too dark.”
  • Factory“Definitely needs a rework, that b*tch needs to get bigger. And it will, I think they’re planning on expanding on it.”
  • Woods“Only serves one purpose and that is doing your Mosin Quests. That’s literally the only purpose of Woods. Everyone that’s on Woods is doing Mosin Quests. I think they can expand upon Woods a little bit.”

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It remains to be seen whether or not developers Battlestate Games will be willing to dedicate resources to make changes to these older maps, especially since they have a bunch of other new ones in development.

There are seven new maps that have been announced to be coming soon to the game, including Streets of Tarkov, which has already been unveiled as the next addition.

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That said, if the devs do end up deciding to go back and try to improve the older locations, it might be worth taking shroud’s comments and ideas into consideration.