How to fix Escape From Tarkov crashing bug after 0.12.4 update

Battlestate Games

An Escape from Tarkov player has explained how you can get around the crashing problems that have arisen following the 0.12.4 update that dropped back on March 25.

As a pretty intense shooter and looter title, Escape from Tarkov has developed a hardcore fanbase that has stuck around past the recent influx of players from other different games and genres. 

With players continuing to support the game, playing raids for hours on end, Battlestate Games have pressed on with a series of updates – making changes to the Overweight system, adding new sounds, and cleaning up bugs with certain levels. Yet, some players have been unable to play the game since they dropped the 0.12.4 update on March 25.

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Battlestate Games
Recent Escape from Tarkov updates have focused on player’s weight.

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Following the release of the patch, fans of Escape from Tarkov noted that they had been running into an issue where, as they attempted to start a raid, the game would crash and give them an error message.

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After a search for a fix, Reddit user HENRIKSSM has seemingly found the answer to everyone’s problem. According to the Redditor, instead of trying to reinstall the game, download new drivers, or update the computer, Tarkov fans just have to install the Windows Media Feature Pack.

This is, simply, a small download from the Windows website that is related to the Windows media running on your PC.

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Of course, what the download actually contains that fixes the Escape From Tarkov-based problem is unknown but a number of players have reported that the fix worked for them – and not just on a temporary basis either. 

Battlestate Games might have a more permanent fix up their sleeves, however, as they still have a number of updates in the pipeline. The developers recently revealed that they have a quick healing feature for the end of raids in the works, as well as a way to combat ping abusers.