Yung Gravy reveals exactly what happened on “first date” with Addison Rae’s mom

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yung gravy and addison raes mom

Rapper Yung Gravy showed up to the VMAs this year with Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, right in the middle of a family storm between her and ex-partner Monty Lopez. Now, he’s revealed exactly what went down on that night.

Gravy has been quoted in the past saying that he likes ‘MILFs’ and even went as far as complimenting Sheri for being one on social media.

The Mr. Clean singer has since been called out on numerous occasions by Monty, who wants to jump in the boxing ring with him.

These fights rumors have been somewhat quelled since Yung Gravy publicly admitted he couldn’t see himself fighting over the beef, though they did come back after he was spotted kissing Sheri on the red carpet on August 29.

Yung Gravy spills details on Sheri Easterling first date

Just as you thought it was all over between these two, Gravy has appeared on the September 21 edition of Ethan Klein’s H3 Podcast – saying he “showed her a good time.”

When asked if he “hit that,” the 26-year-old said: “We’re friends. We associate… She was sweet man, we had a good time.

“She came to the VMAs with me as my date. She came up the day before to a dinner date and ended up being such a sweetheart. We stayed at the same hotel… We had a great little hotel experience, we did the VMAs the following day, and then another day to chill a little bit.

(Timestamp in the video below at 1:43: 47)

The pair enjoyed shots of a Black Label bottle of Johnny Walker, too. Nodding to a question about whether they had a “night cap” he replied: “Doesn’t mean we had sex man.”

After doing a quick fist bump, Gravy joked: “I pounded it… The fist!”

“We had been flirting a little bit on the internet and I wanted to show her a good time man. She’s been going through it and she’s a single lady, so I wanted to set up a first date.

Even recently, he says that he has been in contact with Sheri Easterling. Yet, there is a fair bit of distance between them as she lives in Louisiana. “I can’t have a long-distance relationship. She’s a sweetheart though.”

Gravy called Monty “pretty wild” and admits that he does feel for their daughter Addison Rae, who he contacted before meeting Sheri, and says she is trying to focus on other things as the drama rages on.

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