YouTuber’s channel terminated after the platform mistakenly identifies “graphic nudity”

Meera Jacka
YouTuber’s channel terminated after the platform mistakenly identifies graphic nudity

A YouTuber has gone to Twitter for help after his channel was supposedly ‘wrongfully terminated’ for falsely recognizing graphic content.

YouTube has many policies in place to protect unsuspecting viewers from any content deemed inappropriate.

Amongst these is a strict nudity and sexual content policy, forbidding the posting of any explicit material on the video-sharing platform.

However, it seems the platform may be relying on “bots” to review content, with one YouTuber left baffled after his account was ‘wrongfully terminated.’

Having boasted 172,000 followers prior to the removal of their channel, YouTuber ‘Mischief’ shared the frustrating situation on Twitter.

“YouTube support has categorically refused to either actually have a human review my case or has flat out refused to take into account context,” Mischief claimed on June 20.

He went on to explain, “I was never even issued any strikes, my channel was instantly deleted over a dude nodding whilst healing a teammate in BattleBit.”

Mischief shared the supposedly offensive clip in one of his Tweets, with the video clearly showing gameplay of BattleBit in which one player does indeed heal his teammate and nothing more.

While the interaction may have raised some eyebrows at first glance, it certainly doesn’t depict any nudity or explicit sexual content. But despite appealing the decision, Mischief’s account remains terminated.

Mischief pleaded with Twitter users to “spread the word” and separately tagged YouTube in a Tweet asking for the platform to have someone review the case.

“My hope for getting my channel back is near zero at this point [to be honest],” the disheartened YouTuber admitted. But it seems there may still be hope.

In an update, Mischief shared that his story had been noticed by “YouTube’s own creator liaison”, who agreed the termination was uncalled for and would get in contact with YouTube support.

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