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YouTuber Pyrocynical slams ‘lying’ accusations over grooming scandal

Published: 19/Dec/2020 16:01

by Luke Edwards


After he denied allegations of grooming a 15-year-old, English YouTuber Pyrocynical has called a public Google Document, which aimed to dispute his claims, “disingenuous.” 

On October 29, commentary YouTuber Pyrocynical was accused of grooming Twitter user Ivory Rasmus when they were 15 and he was 19. He promptly denied the allegations in a video posted to his channel, where he said: “[The] accusation is 100% false and incredibly irresponsible.”

Ivory Rasmus described Pyrocynical’s response as “a perfect representation of why victims don’t come out about their experiences” and added: “My hope with talking about this on a public platform was that I could progress the conversation around weeding out exploitation of minors.”


Since then, a statement written by a YouTuber called ‘Turkey Tom’ has been released, which refutes the claims made by Pyrocynical and “debunk every common counter-argument” made against Ivory Rasmus.

Pyrocynical condemns ‘lying’ Google Doc

In his latest video, Pyrocynical reiterated that the allegations were “categorically untrue”, and said: “I truly believe that the evidence I provided was enough, and for a time it was.”

He described the Google Doc as “poorly written”, adding: “This Google Doc is disingenuous, manipulative, and it fails to include so much of my original statement.

“It makes insane assumptions based on limited and broken evidence.”

Pyrocynical described their exchanges as “fantasy role play” and added: “There was no sexual interest. There were no nudes exchanged, his name, his appearance, just weren’t important to me.”


pyrocynical fishing
Pyrocynical on Instagram
Pyrocynical denied he was aware of the accuser’s age when soliciting images.

However, Pyrocynical admitted he was “negligent” in failing to verify Ivory Rasmus’ age. “I may have been young myself, but I was still old enough to know better.”

“I had absolutely no idea he was 15.”

While he continued the correspondences with Ivory Rasmus when he turned 16 – the legal age of consent in the UK and in Ivory’s home state of Pennsylvania – he added that he didn’t see the age gap as unethical because “it was just fantasy, furry garbage.”

“I didn’t want anyone to find out I was a degenerate and into this furry, role-play s*** – anyone would be embarrassed by that.


“[The document] is a severe case of tunnel vision, trying to right a perceived wrong.”

Pyrocynical apologized to Ivory directly, admitting: “It was stupid of me to message people about this furry stuff without taking into account the influence of my platform.”

Ivory Rasmus is yet to comment on Pyrocynical’s response.