YouTuber makes MrBeast conquer his biggest fear in viral video 

Christy Mathew
MrBeast and Mark Rober conquering fears

MrBeast set out to conquer one of his biggest fears with the help of YouTuber and close friend, Mark Rober.

Jimmy Donaldson, most popularly known as MrBeast, has been able to achieve success with his content on YouTube as well as his business ventures. He is one of the biggest and most influential creators on the platform.

The content creator has talked about the downside of his fame in an interview with Colin and Samir. He also revealed that he has had mental breakdowns because of being so focused on making content for YouTube.

MrBeast surpassed Pewdiepie to have the most subscribers on the video-sharing platform. However, despite his success, the influencer has his own fears to overcome.

What is MrBeast’s biggest fear?

Jimmy’s biggest fear is his fear of heights but his friend, Mark took it upon himself to help the influencer get past this obstacle.

The two YouTubers collaborated and Rober revealed his secret lair to MrBeast. This lair was known as crunchlabs and consisted of a “fireman’s piston.”

It is an assisted drop of almost 8 feet and the creator did not fail to make Donaldson feel better. Mark revealed even 5-year-olds have made this jump successfully.

MrBeast did confess to being afraid of heights which made this quite challenging for him. Meanwhile, his friend also shared the science behind the pistons and reassured him of how safe it is.

Jimmy built up the courage to take on this challenge and confront his fear of heights. He successfully did it and conquered his fear, though admitted that he’s “never doing that again.”

Mark and Jimmy have collaborated in the past on a project called #TeamSeas. It was a charitable initiative that was founded in 2021 and helped raise $33 million to clean up beaches and oceans.

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