MrBeast explains the downside of viral fame: “I always have to be on guard”

Meera Jacka
MrBeast discusses living in the public eye

MrBeast has discussed the pressures he feels as a content creator, revealing he cannot go into the public eye without being “on guard”.

As the most-subscribed individual creator on YouTube, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has millions of fans watching his every move.

In an unfiltered conversation with YouTubers ‘Colin and Samir’, MrBeast has revealed some of the pressures that have come included following his quick rise to fame.

In particular, MrBeast said that he “can’t be in large crowds” or engage in other casual public activities without people filming and keeping tabs on him.

“I leave these walls [of the studio] and it’s just crazy,” MrBeast said. “I can’t watch a movie [at the cinemas] unless I buy every ticket in the movie or people are just going to film me the whole time.”

He went on to say that his notoriety for holding large sums of money has even resulted in break-ins at his house, saying “I’ve [got to] have security at my house”.

Nonetheless, MrBeast has made it clear that he “signed up” for the life of a content creator.

“No one’s forcing me to do it; I love my fans, I love you guys. So like, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining and just miserable,” MrBeast said.

MrBeast filming his own Squid Game
MrBeast loves his fans despite the pressures of living in the public eye

But MrBeast does believe it takes a “specific” type of individual to run an individual-led media company.

This is because no matter where he goes there are always people psychoanalyzing his behavior and filming everything he does.

“No matter where I go, you’re always on,” MrBeast explained. “If I mess up, someone’s always filming me when I’m in public.”

Talking with Colin and Samir, MrBeast also discussed the pressure he puts on himself to make content and how he wishes other creators would stop “stealing” his ideas.

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