YouTuber Jaclyn Hill receives backlash over new Ulta makeup display

Jaclyn Hill poses in an Instagram pictureInstagram: jaclynhill

Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is being criticized after her new makeup launch, with some saying they ‘don’t feel comfortable buying her products,’ and others citing shade range and quality issues as the source of their frustration.

Jaclyn Hill has been making beauty and makeup-related content on YouTube since 2011, and in that time she has garnered over 5.7 million subscribers on her channel. She has collaborated with some huge stars such as Kim Kardashian and has a substantial fanbase behind her.

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However, the influencer has also come under a large amount of backlash in the past, significantly relating to her own product launches. Her first lipstick line in 2019 was widely criticized thanks to quality control issues that meant there were bits of fuzz and hair in the formula.

The star opened up with fans a while later in 2020, explaining that the controversy caused her to vomit several times a week, even turning to alcohol to cope with her anxiety and depression.

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Jaclyn Hill speaks to her fans against a blue background.YouTube: Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn has opened up in the past about the effect that the online hate has on her mental health.

Some were also upset with the most recent February launch of her “mystery box” full of unspecified products from her brand. Many were confused by the decision to not specify the products, so Jaclyn eventually ended up naming some of the products. She explained the launch was as a result of the global health crisis that had affected some of the other launches she had planned for the year.

Now in response to a post uploaded by Instagram page ‘trendmood1’ showing Jaclyn’s display at Ulta for her new launch, people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the beauty influencer.

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“More highlighters, aren’t we over that? This line looks boring, and once again, overhyped,” one commenter wrote, going on to say, “don’t trust her ethics and never will.”

Commenter responds to Jaclyn Hill makeup

“TBH I’m disgusted with the prices of her products alone. After everything with her brand that’s happened so far, she expects people to pay that much? Hell no.” The same commenter also said, “why did her skin tone darken so much on the image? And why aren’t there darker bronzer shades? I mean you’d think she didn’t learn sh*t from the experiences she’d had so far.

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Commenter responds to Jaclyn Hill's new collection

Other screenshots from commentary account Def Noodles show that some comment threads have been allegedly removed from the post.

However, some fans also defended the beauty influencer against the backlash. “Wow! So many haters!” one person wrote. “I don’t get why people have to drag her through the mud. At this point it wouldn’t matter if her products were amazing, someone is always going to complain just because it’s her!”

Commenter responds to Jaclyn Hill makeup

It seems that Jaclyn receives backlash about every launch she does, as many are still wary of her brand ever since the lipstick scandal. However, many fans are sticking by her side.

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